Meet Peach – The Foxy Lady of NGames' New MMO

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You've met FoxLi, now it's time to meet his favourite girl

Following last weeks "Meet FoxLi" character profile, online games developer and publisher, NGames, has today continued building the back story for their upcoming, currently untitled new MMO by introducing Li's best friend, Peach.

A brand new online adventure based on a popular emoticon, NGames' upcoming MMO features a warm and touching story that sees protagonist FoxLi; his best friends: Shadow, Bear, and Mika; and his favourite girl, Peach; race to save Dream Land before it's too late.


There is nobody better for FoxLi than the kind-hearted Peach. A beautiful, elegant young woman, Peach has and always will be there for Li, even when they're on opposite sides of the planet. Nothing can keep good friends apart.

When Peach and her family announced they would be travelling to Bellsmore – a city on the other side of the world – Li was distraught, especially when Peach told him, "I might be leaving for a long time, or even forever". She promised to write and send messages by white swallow, but as the weeks passed Li heard nothing from his favourite female fox.

FoxLi Rush

Just as he was about to give up all hope of ever hearing from Peach again, a white swallow appeared at the mailbox. It was a message from Peach, but not the one Li was expecting. The letter explained how much she was enjoying Bellsmore, and finished by saying "Li, I'd like to say, goodbye"

Teary eyed, Li allowed the letter to be blown from his grasp and float away in the wind, never to be seen again.

Days later, a new swallow appeared with an unexpected final page of the letter, which had accidentally been left behind by the previous swallow. The letter continued, "Li, I'd like to say, goodbye makes me miss you more. Do you miss me too? Take care of yourself. Waiting for your reply."

FoxLi Rush

FoxLi's new adventure will be heading into beta later this year. NGames will be releasing more information throughout the development and testing process.

The currently untitled game promises exquisite graphics with unique building models, cute characters, and an array of dazzling skills and special effects. A deep and tactically robust combat system offers players multiple fight modes, whether it's completing quests; pursuing expeditions to become a great General; or simply challenging friends to a bout of fisticuffs for honor.

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