Ninja Heroes Official CBT Invite!

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Ninja's take over Voomga in the action-packed side-scroller Ninja Heroes! Join the CBT on January 29th 14:00 (GMT + 8) to be one of the first to get Ninja Powers! For a limited time Voomga is giving out Closed Beta Gift Packs worth over 50 USD to new players! Visit to get your gift packs.

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In Ninja Heroes, follow the legends of the shinobi world to learn water, air, fire and lightning ninjitsu. From summoning giant waterfalls to piercing enemies with lightning lances, the ninja life is full of dangerous rewards. Each class trains specialized skills and masters wicked chakra abilities including powerful eye jutsus. With over 50 abilities per class there will always be more to explore in this action MMO.

Inspired by popular ninja culture, training begins in the land of fire where the toughest teachers lead the show, training new recruits to point their kodachis in the right direction. After completing the starter missions ninjas are ready to venture out and face bigger challenges. Fight world bosses with thousands of minions, challenge clan banner battles and accomplish quest sagas all in full anime-style graphics.

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Explore over 26 instances, each with unique enemies and bosses. Even visit the villages of Fire, Lightning, Water and Sand on original Ninja quests. In Ninja Heroes strong enemies and valuable prizes wait for the bravest gamers. Voomga welcomes the new generation of Ninja warriors!

Ninja Heroes Features:
Fast-paced Ninja Combat
Clan Battles and Events
Pet Training
Ninja Weddings
Over 50 Ninja Skills per Class
Open your own Ninja Store

The Journey starts January 29th at 14:00 (GMT + 8)!

Check here for more info:
Official Site:
Facebook Fan Page:



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