First Video of Cute Browser Game Realfantasy Online is Released

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Recently, Dream Square, the leading interactive game developer in China, released several game snapshots of Realfantasy Online, a cute Japanese style browser game and debuted the first promotional video of this game. In as early as November 2012, Dream Square already unveiled Realfantasy Online at G-star(Known as Hunter X Hunter by then); upon its presentation, the game immediately attracted attention of a number of overseas game operators with its refreshing and sweet graphic styles and brisk real-time battles. According to Dream Square, this game is on the verge of completion, and it is estimated that this game will become available in Q2, 2013.

Realfantasy Online – First promotional video:

As indicated by the RD team of Realfantasy Online, their goal is to create a nostalgic yet stylish browser game. For nostalgic designs, the graphic styles of Realfantasy Online and its background will certainly remind players of a very popular game which they were crazy about. For stylish presentation, Realfantasy Online is developed using Flash AS3 technology. Players no longer need to download client applications, and within a few seconds after they open the game web page, they are ready to start their adventure. For the best performance of this browser game, brainless and automatic modes adopted to develop most traditional browser games were discarded, and maneuverability and interactivity for the game were maximized. Meanwhile, they cleverly applied the time fragment theory to satisfy the requirements of the players – emphasis on the thrilling excitement of the game while avoiding exhausting game processes, and this will further ensure unique tempos and styles for the game.

Realfantasy Online
Figure 1 - Promotional CG of Realfantasy Online

Realfantasy Online
Figure 2 - Loading CG in Realfantasy Online

In Realfantasy Online, players can choose among a number of classes; a warrior, a servant, a mage, an assassin, or a merchant and advance to a new class at the appropriate time. What is more, the Avatar system will enable players to stand out from the crowd and truly be the master of their game. In Realfantasy Online, players can definitely find the customs they love. This is why Realfantasy Online is attractive to female players who pay great attention to their appearance.

Realfantasy Online
Figure 3 - Class promotion system

Realfantasy Online features a lot of maps and monsters of different quantities, and power will hide in each map. Players are required to unlock maps one by one in order to improve their ability. This feature is supplemented with exciting plots. With this feature, we can create a gaming experience available in standalone games for players in this game. The intense combats, thrilling stories and brutal monsters are all presented in the Instances for player enjoyment.

Realfantasy Online
Figure 4 - Mission

Realfantasy Online
Figure 5 - Snapshot

Realfantasy Online
Figure 6 - Snapshot

According to Dream Square, currently, the Southeast Asia maps have been licensed, and it is estimated that this game will be released in first half 2013. By then, Realfantasy Online will bring to players challenging new adventures and sensational excitement that players miss the most from early games.

About Dream Square

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Dream Square is an emerging interactive and entertainment service provider and has thrived on its core business strategies - operations of high end game titles and development of game masterpieces. Founded in 2009, Dream Square expanded quickly to a mid-size enterprise with more than 500 talented employees and 25 million registered players. Dream Square is respected for its top and professional teams in the industry, and they specialize in a number of browser game development technologies such as Flash, Unity3D and Html. Dream Square focuses on leveraging its advantages of game development and operations management and has established solid partnership with top brands in the industry to improve brand influences and maximize ROI and profitability. Dream Square has released a number of top rated browser games, including New PAL Online, Dream Sanguo and Little Ali. Among them, New PAL Online was voted repeatedly by players as the No 1. in the list of most anticipated browser game in China. Dream Square is recognized for its large number of leading web service partners and has maintained close collaborating relationship with top Internet service providers including Tencent, 360 and Baidu.



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