Pockie Pirates Introduces New "Sea Soul" Posthumous Attack System

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The life and death of a pirate is never plain sailing in this One Piece MMO

Online games developer and publisher, NGames, has today announced the introduction of a new Sea Soul Skills system to browser-based One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates – allowing players to continue attacking even after they die.

The huge Grand Line expansion for One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates, is bringing more great new features and content to the sea-faring adventure game. The latest addition, Soul Skills, are available to all players over Level 40 and enable characters to unleash powerful posthumous abilities. The Pockie Pirates battle is never over until it is won.

The biggest expansion to hit Pockie Pirates to date, the new Grand Line map faithfully recaptures the famous Grand Line ocean trail from the hit One Piece anime series, which Luffy and co sail for adventure.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

To unleash the new Sea Skills, players must collect the new Stones of Sea Soul, which can be found while searching for treasure in the Poneglyph mini-game. Here, pirates will also be awarded with silver and prestige, allowing them to become not only powerful pirates, but wealthy ones too.

Players gain access to five types of Sea Soul Skill as they advance in level: Windy Sea, Crystal Sea, Flower Sea, Cloudy Sea and Teary Sea – each imbuing pirates with the power to unleash unique, massive posthumous attacks.

Synthesizing stones increases their power levels, allowing pirates to unleash truly devastating skills even after their hearts stop beating. Each Sea Soul skill is extremely powerful, ranging from inflicting huge amounts of damage to the enemy or stunning them, to healing teams or increasing their block rate.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

With this new layer of tactics, plucky pirates might even consider sacrificing themselves for the good of the group during battle. Who knows what their death could inspire?

Pockie Pirates: Chapter 6 launched into open beta on Christmas Day, December 25th, introducing new characters, content, and a faithful recreation of the Grand Line to the One Piece MMO.

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