Call of Thrones Won the Best 3D Game Award of 2012

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Abstract: Yeepgame's first 3D browser game – Call of Thrones has won the 2012 best 3D game award in a game-of-the year contest held by BBGSITE. It's been the second time that Call of Thrones won this award since 2011. As a young and vibrant game publisher, Yeepgame will not disappoint our players in the New Year.

Call of Thrones

Yeepgame, a division of Gamewave Group Limited, develops and hosts browser games for gamers worldwide. Founded on May 19th 2011, Yeepgame strives to create a place where players can enjoy great browser games anytime. Current titles include Tamer Saga, Rising of King, Crystal Saga, the Pride of Taern and a completely 3D web game, Call of Thrones.

As the first 3D browser game of Yeepgame, Call of Thrones won great popularity among Yeepgame players. As a piece of great news, it has won the 2012 best 3D game award in a game-of –year contest held by BBGSITE, which has been the second time to win this award since its debut.

Another new 2D game – Tamer Saga, ,is also on the top 10 list of Best 2D games and Most Popular games, ranking 5th and 7th respectively, it successfully demonstrated a strong appeal to players.

With an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, Yeepgame connects players to a new world of browser gaming. It is our mission to bring more fantastic games with no cost or download required, anyone can just jump in and play at any time. In the year 2013, Yeepgame also prepares some fascinating browser based online games for all the gamers.

About Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones is a 3D browser-based MMORPG that requires you download a mini-client before running the game on the web browser. The game was touted as the first Chinese browser MMO crafted in full 3D environment.

About Yeepgame Team

With 7 core members and over 20 related employees, Yeepgame is one of the most potential and fastest developing game platforms mainly targeting in North America with our games portfolio of 6 browser games and over 20 mini games. We have been now getting over 500,000 registered user, 3,000 + unique visitors daily and 14 payment options. We celebrate holidays and festival with our players by holding diverse and special platform and game events. It's our goal to create a happy, free and relaxed game realm for all our gamers by keeping improving our work all the time.



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