Forests of Eden: Saving the Rainforest with a Game

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  • Berlin-based game studio Playotope protects the forests of the world with an online game
  • Support of real eco-projects from inside the game
  • Virtual forest adventures provide exciting experiences

Berlin, in January of 2013 - What if you could protect the natural forests of the world with an online game? And what if the game was all about forest adventures, creating a link between the virtual and the real world?

In fact, that's exactly what Playotope does. The small game studio based in Berlin is developing "Forests of Eden", a new combination of a wilderness adventure game and a garden simulation.

As a special feature, you can support environemental projects and campaigns directly from within the game. For that purpose, Playotope cooperates closely with Greenpeace. All campaigns are seamlessly integrated into the game, so that participation comes naturally during play. Still, all participation is voluntary and even eco-grouches will enjoy the game.

Forests of Eden is a browser-based online game, meaning that it's playable on any regular PC without a need for installation. As a player, you'll discover secret medical herbs in the forests of the world and grow them in your own virtual garden. You'll come across native forest people and learn about their ancient knowledge of herbal medicine. And you'll meet environmentalists who need your help to protect the endangered forests - inside the game and in the real world.

Asked for the development status of the game, Playotope's founder and CEO Sebastian Bacher says: "We are already testing the game in closed beta, but there is still a lot of work to do before we can release it. Unfortunately, our previous funds are almost spent. It would be such a shame if we had to give up just in sight of the finish line."

In order to fund the completion of the game, the team has now started a crowdfunding campaign. At everyone can support the project with an amount of his or her choice. As reward you'll get various pieces of fan stuff as well as original virtual items for the game. Spending a bit more, you can even become immortal inside the game: For $3,000 the developers create an in-game character modeled after you.

Saving the forests around the world is more important today than ever. Due to the depletion by mankind the worldwide forests are shrinking every minute by an area that is as large as 35 football fields. Clear cutting of entire forests destroys their precious animal and plant life forever. At the same time, the logging and burning is responsible for up to a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions - more than every plane, car, truck, ship and train on the planet combined. That way, the destruction of the forests contributes massively to global warming.

With the help of Forests of Eden, protecting the forests could be as easy as playing an online game.

About Playotope

Playotope is an independent game studio based at Berlin, focused on developing Positive Impact Games that help to protect the environment and the climate. The innovative games produced by the agile start-up combine virtual experiences of nature with exciting fun of play. Part of the generated revenue is passed to environmental projects. Cooperations with large environmental NGOs ensure a high ecological credibility and allow to reach millions of people around the world.

Screenshots of Forests of Eden:

Forests of Eden Screenshot

Forests of Eden Screenshot

Forests of Eden Screenshot



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