What's Your Bad Habit While Playing Games?

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We can accumulate some experience in the game. However, the experience we learn in one game may not suit for other games. Some bad habits always bring various troubles. You must have some bad habits while playing games. Now let's share these habits and learn a lesson.

1. Item Collection Maniac

Never let go any dropped items? Think it twice before you pick up the twentieth scrap on the land. Do you really need it? Are you sure you will use such kind of animal bones, magical powder, carrots, potion or useless equipment? Though these things will not occupy any real space, but such a collection maniac will make you as terrible as the following picture.

Bad Habits While Playing Games

2. Corner Checking Maniac

I just found hidden treasure at the bottom of the lake. You will land in a hidden chamber from this platform. Let's try it more. Some game developers intend to hide the rewards in some abnormal place and you will make great efforts to find them. But sometimes, traps are traps. Think it over before you fall into the trap.

Bad Habits While Playing Games

3. Guide Checking Maniac

Oh, my God, I don't want such puzzles again. I just need to know the following story. So we all like to check online for those puzzled problems. Congrats, you miss the most attractive part of an adventure game.

Bad Habits While Playing Games

4. Stay All Night

It's 1:00 a.m. on Monday and you need go to work later. But it's the key point when your city is entering Golden Age and you will develop nuclear weapons. All right, another round will be ok. But it's 7:00 now, time for a busy working day.

Bad Habits While Playing Games

5. Ignore Dialogues

Don't want any storyline again. I just want to kill more monsters. Keep clicking, and you must have missed something interesting.

Bad Habits While Playing Games

6. Grinding Maniac

The secret to level up quickly is grinding in early MMOs without any quest completing. But now you can level up quickly by completing quests in most MMOs, just like WOW. But how do you realize it? Find that the experience you gain from an hour grinding is less than a running quest?

Bad Habits While Playing Games

7. Power Retaining Maniac

Only foolish men will reveal its final power when showing up. Thus, we always retain our rare and precious rocket in the limited slots for respect. We call it “Forewarned is forearmed”. Too many enemies? Bullets will settle them. A small boss? Let our opponent worry it. Then we see the final Boss and our rockets will come in handy. What? There are a pile of rockets in the room nearby, free to use.

Bad Habits While Playing Games



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