Grand Line Map Added to Pockie Pirates

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One Piece anime MMO introduces faithful recreation of the Grand Line map

Online games developer and publisher, NGames, has introduced the brand new Grand Line expansion to browser-based One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates.

The new Grand Line map faithfully recaptures the famous Grand Line ocean trail from the One Piece anime series, which Luffy and co sail for adventure. The biggest expansion to hit Pockie Pirates to date, adventures on the new Grand Line map run parallel to the main Pockie Pirates game, allowing players to return to land and take part in instances and quests while their ships sail the long distances between towns.

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The Grand Line is packed with towns to visit, each with their own unique identity inspired by locales from the popular One Piece anime series. While visiting, players can visit the town Bars, Governor Halls, and Exchange Halls to gather supplies and trade goods. The Grand Line introduces a full-fledged trading system to Pockie Pirates' world. Savvy pirates monitoring the market can can rake in rewards by buying low in one town and selling high in another at the other end of the map.

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Unlike the regular Pockie Pirates bars, which players visit to recruit new members for their warships, bars along the Grand Line are used to purchase supplies for long haul journeys. It's impossible to survive on the sea without sufficient stock.

Town governors across the Grand Line are desperately seeking pirates to work for them, providing players with oceans of tasks to complete. Working and investing in towns can make a pirate popular, bestowing them with such benefits as improved tariff treatment and more advanced trading options.

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Players face 3 major tasks every day on the Grand Line, including learning how to prepare special dishes with the various ingredients they uncover across the world. Good food can boost the HP, Attack, and Defence attributes of any hearty shipmate. A new Popular Speciality board helps pirates track the origin of 4 random products across the map – a vital tool for keeping on top of the trading action, and useful for finding ingredients for those truly magnificent meals that benefit more than just the crew.

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In a world bursting with pirates hunting the same treasure, a warship and crew must be prepared to go all hands on deck! The Grand Line's new warship system lets players upgrade their ships with all manner of weapons and gadgetry, increase its size for better sailing speed and larger warehouse capacity, and more.

Pockie Pirates: Chapter 6 launched into open beta on Christmas Day, December 25th, introducing new characters, content, and a faithful recreation of the Grand Line to the One Piece MMO.

Interested players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:






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