Dark Age Wars – Medieval Strategy Game Begins a New Year

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Build, expand, and test your strategic skills online –new gaming site of Dark Age Wars is out now!

Browser-based multiplayer fantasy and diplomatic game Dark Age Wars offers a distinct opportunity to build your own kingdom in the simulated medieval world. A player progresses by building territorial and diplomatic skills, by building the empire and forming alliances. The game also involves facing the situation of war and peace.

Dark Age Wars takes the player back in time to experience the violent time of the medieval age. The aim is to put up a splendid kingdom with villages, farmlands, castles, lumbar camps, food supplies, stables, markets, barracks, and one's own army. Going ahead in the online war game requires following the world map that acts as a playing field of the game for attacking and trading with enemies and making alliances with friends to strike a balance between peace and war. Also trading resources with other kingdoms found in the market and defending your own kingdom form the crux of the game. The real-looking, animated user interface gives a striking user experience.

Dark Age Wars Screenshot

"Versatile subject matter is the most interesting aspect of this game. Dark Age Wars promises to offer new experiences as well as developing diplomatic and ruling skills, as it has a variety of building stages and supplies to build the empire. Two more significant features about the game are the live chat board and the background music," explains Robert Moran, the producer of Dark Age Wars of Pixabit, Inc.

One of the unique and admirable features of the game is that it shows your battle and trade reports to convey what you have done until now for your empire. Furthermore, it also has Quests that acts as a guide to show you how to build your empire as a beginner. According to the producer, there's also a scope of customization in terms of changing your profile and managing your capitol from a bird's eye view. In addition, the interactive map allows moving to any area within the given boundaries, which makes invasions easy and quick. All of these features together make you a real medieval king!

The online gaming site allows adjusting rules according to the players, ranging right from the beginners to hard-core players. The site has around 10,000 monthly distinct visitors. You can change the building and city names by using the Options and Profile feature or report a bug by using the Bug Reporting option. This is the real as well as transparent effort taken by the makers of this game.

Above all, the players can easily play the game for free. However, for entering into a better phase of ruling power and attaining more realistic goals, the player can buy the required necessities by paying small fees.

About Pixabit Inc.:

Browser-based multiplayer game Dark Age Wars,, is built by a corporation established as per the bylaws of the state of California, Pixabit, Inc. It is a developer and publisher of free games online.



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