New Pets' Max Savvy System and Pet Sigil in Tamer Saga

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Yeepgame recently announced that Tamer Saga will open its fifth and sixth servers on January, 2013. Tamer Saga is a free-to-play anime-style RPG which is operating on Yeepgame, it received great welcome from Yeepgame players since its debut on Yeepgame.

Tamer Saga is proud of its pets system which allows players to recruit hundreds of pets, enhance pets and fight against enemies with pets together. Recently, the development team behind Tamer Saga revealed the plan to release the brand new pet's max savvy system which would help players to develop pets better. Today, Yeepgame team is very glad to share more details with Tamer Saga fans.

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Before pets' max savvy system is released, each pet in Tamer Saga possesses fixed upper limit of savvy. It means that two pets of the same type don't have much difference in power and it is no way for common pets to defeat those pets evolved from mini pets. But now, the brand new pets' max savvy system will offer players a chance to largely enhance their pets. It is no need to discard a useless pet which has companied you for a long time. Even the weaker fairies can become helpful assistants in battles.

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Enhancing a pet's max savvy will consume certain Potential, which can be purchased from Item Mall or obtained by absorbing other pets'. What's more, Card of Potential obtained by defeating monsters in Boss Arena can be used to exchange for Potential. Yeepgame team recommends players to train more pets or frequently participate in Boss Arena to obtain more Potential. Attention! Only level 20 or above pets can be enhanced to increase their max savvy. The upper limit of savvy is decided by pets' level.

Pet Sigil

The Pet Sigil system enables you to transfer surplus pets into different sigils. The pet will be stronger while wearing sigils. Different sigils can be combined into a higher-level one with more power.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

The slots for equipping sigils will be increased as soon as the pet levels up, but only one sigil of the same kind is allowed to equip. To seal a pet, click the Sigil button first and then click the Seal button.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Choose a surplus pet and a mode to seal it, and then click Seal to seal the pet. The pet will disappear when being sealed. By right of a more advanced mode, you will more likely gain a better sigil.

To equip a sigil: Click the Sigil button, choose the target pet and drag the sigil to an unused slot.

In a word, Tamer Saga is really suit for gamers who love pets. Let's fight against enemies with our favorite pets together. Joining Yeepgame, you will begin an unforgettable journey in Tamer Saga.

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