Kartuga Introduces The Protector Class

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Battleship has great endurance and causes massive damage

Hamburg - December 20, 2012 - InnoGames introduced the third class of their upcoming Action-MMOG Kartuga - The Protector. The powerful battleship is the most robust class of the pirate game and fearlessly sets sail to join any battle. The Protector has a number of defensive and offensive skills, which makes him a valuable addition to every team. To prove this, InnoGames produced a short class introduction video.

Its defensive abilities make the Protector the perfect class to draw enemy fire and protect teammates. Like both of the other classes in Kartuga, the Protector has a thrice-branched skill tree, so players can adjust to their individual play style. Skill points are being rewarded after every level up. In the case of the Protector, players can spend their points on the specializations Bulwark, Wrangler and Suppressor. The Bulwark is a swimming fortress; its defense is nearly impenetrable. The Wrangler is less heavily fortified, but easily sinks targets with its precise critical strikes. Lastly, the Suppressor acts as 'big brother' in every team and defends smaller mates, using close combat skills.

Kartuga is an Action-MMO with RPG-elements. The 3D pirate game invites players to choose from three ship classes, and developing their unique play style by leveling up and combining various skills and equipment. Core of the game, developed by Ticking Bomb Games, is cooperative PvP. Players challenge each other in teams of four in intense, fast-paced matches. Aside from the Engineer, Kartuga offers a Destroyer and a Protector Class. The closed beta is planned for early 2013. On, players can already pre-register. With more than 100 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world's leading developers and providers of online games. The Hamburg-based company has scored major successes with games such as Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires and Grepolis.



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