End of the World Skyripper OBT Invite

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Learn how to fly on Voomga's newest MMO adventure Skyripper!

Skyripper OBT

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The Skyripper team invites you to open beta testing this Friday December 21st at 2 PM (GMT + 8).  Be one of the first heroes to plunge into the fast PVP, dangerous dungeons and Giant Goldfish (Roc) races in Skyland!

Enter an action-packed fantasy world where you command one of 4 unique classes:

The Dancer

Twirl your wand backed by the forces of the elements. In Skyripper fighting a dancer is like unleashing a hurricane. With their ranged attacks and powerful AOE spells these are Skyland's spell enforcers.

The Archer

When the mark is what counts the archer's arrows are the deadliest weapons in Skyland. Attacks like Star Storm and Red Moon will send most armies running.

The Berserker

These warriors stand tall in the face of the biggest Bosses. Berserkers train while carrying heavy boulders and smart monsters know to stay out of their path.

The Monk

Meditation and wild mountain peaks sound like your thing? Well try the Monk's mojo magic out and learn why these healers know how to deal some serious damage.


After choosing your path and getting a feel for Skyripper's intuitive questing system, try out some of these original events:

  • Ancient Ice Escort

A cross between DDR and Hot Potato this event sets you up against the clock, where your skills on the keyboard keep your ice from melting on the path to victory. Will you beat the clock?

  • Aurora Collect

Hop on your Gold fish and race across Skyland to collect precious Aurora. In this cross island journey you compete for the highest score and win points for your Guild!

  • Sun Bath

Hang out on the beach with your friends and let the free experience soak in. This is definitely the place for you to see and be seen!

  • Skyripper Quiz

Win prizes and show your smarts on the interactive quiz rankings
Skyripper welcomes you to the world of Skyland with exclusive OBT events and prizes including a level 20 Epic Breastplate plus rare tempering material for your Hero! Check out the forums and Facebook page for the latest updates and news. This is where your story begins!

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