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New Trailer Released for Massive Pockie Pirates Expansion,"Chapter 6 – New World"

Date: Dec 19 2012 22:10:12 Source: Press Release Views:
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NGames unveil a sneak peak at the anticipated Christmas Day expansion for their One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates

Leading online games developer and publisher, NGames, has unleashed a new trailer for highly anticipated Pockie Pirates expansion, "Chapter 6 – New World". The expansion, which launches Christmas Day, December 25th, is the largest Pockie Pirates update since the game launched earlier this year.

NGames has released a new trailer showing off the new islands and features awaiting Pockie Pirates players in "Chapter 6 – New World", which will be rolled out to the One Piece MMO on Christmas Day, December 25th.

The highly anticipated huge update ushers in an entirely new world to Pockie Pirates, transforming the game into a faithful recreation of the Grand Line – the famous sea sailed by characters of the One Piece anime series. Now, the quest to become the "King of Pirates" will see players explore the Grand Line oceans and their plethora of meticulously crafted towns, each holding a unique style and identity.

The "Pockie Pirates: Chapter 6 – New World" trailer can be on YouTube, or you can also watch it below:

There is no shortage of adventure awaiting pirates on the Grand Line. A new "Free Sail" system means players can free-roam the map whenever they wish, allowing them to search out EXP and precious treasures across tons of mysterious explorable areas. The Grand Line also hosts a dedicated PvP zone, allowing warships to go head-to-head in a battle to steal each others pride – and loot!

Pockie Pirates

Loot and goods can now be traded in at several island ports across the map. Pirates savvy enough to monitor the price fluctuations in different regions can make a killer profit on the Grand Line by buying low and selling high.

A new cooking system allows players to buy ingredients and cook food for their crew – the higher the cooking level, the more effective the sustenance and benefits gained from each meal.

Chapter 6 also ushers in a plethora of updates to current gameplay features, including world map optimisations; a reworked character creation interface; a weather system to depict seasonal change; and new daily quests to tackle while sailing the Grand Line.

Pockie Pirates:Chapter 6 will be launched on Christmas Day, December 25th.

All of this content and more is awaiting players in the One Piece inspired world of Pockie Pirates. Players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:







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