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Pockie Pirates' Biggest Ever Expansion, "Chapter 6" Launching Christmas Day

Date: Dec 16 2012 23:57:06 Source: Press Release Views:
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NGames reveal a real festive treat for players of their One Piece MMO

NGames, a leading online games publishers, is excited to announce that highly anticipated Pockie Pirates expansion, "Chapter 6", will be ready to launch on Christmas Day (Dec 25th). Chapter 6 is the largest Pockie Pirate expansion to date, adding new content and an entirely new world of famous One Piece islands to the popular sea-faring MMO.

Chapter 6, the biggest expansion since Pockie Pirates launched, will be introduced to the free-to-play One Piece MMO on Christmas Day, December 25th.

The highly anticipated update adds an entirely new world to Pockie Pirates, transforming the game into a faithful recreation of the Grand Line – the famous sea sailed by characters of the One Piece anime series.

Pockie Pirates

To celebrate the announcement, publisher and developer, NGames has released a fresh batch of artwork depicting some of the many new locales introduced in Pockie Pirates - Chapter 6. The quest to become the "King of Pirates" will see players explore a plethora of meticulously crafted towns, each holding a unique style and identity.

Pockie PiratesPockie Pirates

Chapter 6 also introduces a new weather system to depict seasonal change throughout the world. Now, the original scenes and geographic layout of the Grand Line can be enjoyed in bright sunshine during summer months, and seen covered in sheets of snow throughout winter.

Pockie Pirates

A new Grand Line Map will be introduced to restore the original navigation line of the Grand Line seen throughout the One Piece anime series. Famous features, such as the Calm Belt, Impel Down, Judicial Island, and Sea Train are all present and explorable. How will players sail between these new continents on such a big map? NGames are keeping that little mystery a secret.

Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates

"We cannot wait for players to see Chapter 6 content, it's going to blow them away!", said Tracy Wang, NGames PR Manager, "There's a host of new content and a bunch of updates for everybody to enjoy. What better way to celebrate Christmas as a gamer and a One Piece fan than sailing the Grand Line with your friends?"

Pockie Pirates: Chapter 6 will be launched on Christmas Day, December 25th.

All of this content and more is awaiting players in the One Piece inspired world of Pockie Pirates. Players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:







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