Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is Coming to Reality Squared Games

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December 13th, 2012. Today, Reality Squared Games (R2Games) announced that the alpha phase for Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle will be launching next week on the R2Games platform. This highly-anticipated follow-up to R2Games' Crystal Saga: Originshas already provenitself successful throughout Asia, boasting record numbers of players and significant revenues to match.

In Broken Realm, players take on the role of a paladin, mage, barbarian, or archer to progress through a fantasy-based RPG plotline set centuries after Crystal Saga: Origins. In this time of war and strife, players will find their beliefs and loyalties tested as they struggle to find a worthy person to rule Vidalia after the death of the queen. Truth and honor are no longer simple concepts as family members resort to murder and theft to claim the crown.

Broken Realm Wallpaper

Broken Realm features elements from many of your favorite browser and client games in addition to several unique new gaming mechanics:

  • A captivating storyline! An exciting adventure awaits in Broken Realm. In the world of Vidalia, at first on a quest to earn honor and glory in the name of the newly crowned King Rycroft, the player learns that the new king is beset by enemies because of his own evil acts. Will you stay loyal to the new king or help the people find a ruler worthy enough to wear the crown?
  • 12 classes to choose from!Control time and space as a Chrononaut Mage. Unleash the powers of darkness as a Phantom Archer. Smash your enemies where they stand as a Berserker Barbarian. Broken Realm has fourbasic classes (paladin, barbarian, archer, and mage), but each class has three advanced classes to choose from. Four classes, three advanced classes, twelve awesome possibilities!
  • Knowledge is power! With the Wisdom system, you can study your enemies and learn their weaknesses to grow in knowledge and increase your battle rating. Twenty-five levels of knowledge to study will always give you something to strive for.
  • Never fight alone! Join your friends for guild battles, guild events, guild campaigns, guild shopping, and so much more! Broken Realm has over 60 guild events and PvPevents every day!
  • Fight the dragon and steal her hoard! OK, maybe just spin the wheel and try your luck. But the dragon has only the best and most rare items in her hoard. You think you can walk away with her treasures so easily? The dragon has other ideas!
  • Deadly dungeons!Shoot to the top of the leader board in single-player, multi-player, and PvP dungeonsand let everyone know who is BOSS! Earn gold, honor, experience, and more fighting by yourself or with a team.
  • Turn monsters to minions!Who will you recruit to become your loyal companion? Any monster in Broken Realm can become your pet and fight by your side like wolves, skeletons, ice sprites, and more!
  • Join in the daily events and weekly activities! There is always something to do in Broken Realm. Battlegrounds, Treasure Hunts, PvP battles, BOSS fights, delivery quests, and much more will keep you busy for hours. Also, tailor made events every week, and especially every holiday period, will always give you something to look forward to!

Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicleis the next chapter in an exciting line of adventures from R2Games, is free-to-play, and accessible on any browser. What are you waiting for?



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