R2Games Unveils Broken Realm, A Medieval Fantasy MMORPG

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Broken Realm Wallpaper

Today game publisher R2Games announces their upcoming game Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle to all the gamers.

Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is a medieval-fantasy MMORPG released by R2Games and uses optimized 2.5D, realistic graphics to visually pull players into a vast virtual world.

The World of Broken Realm

The reign of King Valcroy, after the defeat of the Undead and the evil Ice Queen, was a golden age of peace and prosperity. For many generations, Vidalia was the center of trade, commerce, and protection from the outlying lands beyond the influence of the Vidalian Monarchy.

That was until the warrior queen, Hitomi VII, was assassinated without a direct heir to the throne. Nephews, cousins, uncles, all laid claim to the throne and the unity of the kingdom was quickly torn asunder. Queen Hitomi's nephew, Prince Rycroft, a ruthless and power-hungry man, but a man with the strongest claim to the throne, was able to take control of the capital city of Everglade and proclaimed himself King of all Vidalia. While the city itself is mostly stable, constant threats from rival claimants and enemy outlying lands has led to constant battle and a need for a steady stream of warriors ready to support the claims of King Rycroft and bring stability back to the realm.

Classes and Sub-classes

  • Paladin - with a true and strong blade and the ability to protect allies, the knight class is the epitome of strength and honor. Dominate the battlefield, crush others in one-on-one combat, and defend your team as a chivalrous knight!
  • Pyroblade – Pyrobladescan enchant their weapons with Fire elements. They have very high Physical Attack.
  • Frostblade – Frostbladescan shoot blasts of freezing-cold air from their swords to attack foes from afar. Enemies that rely on close-range attacks don't stand a chance against them.
  • SpiritBlade – Spiritblades' swords are infused with the power of their souls. They have exceptionally high Magic Defense and healing powers.
  • Barbarian - with brute force and a mighty axe, the warrior class is a fearsome foe. Warriors don the heaviest armor and the deadliest weapons. You don't want to make them angry.
  • Berserker – Their combination of enormous strength and short-tempers makes Berserkers ideal killing machines.
  • Lord – Natural-born leaders, Lords have high Defensive attributes and can help allies survive enemy attacks.
  • Veteran – Survivorsof countless wars, Veterans are experts in combat strategy. They fear nothing, as they have seen it all before.
  • Archer - speed and stealth are the tricks of the trade for the archer class. Far from cowering in the distance, their skills in the dark arts will leave enemies trembling, if they are left standing at all.
  • Marksman – Marksmenhave the ability to quickly identify and attack an enemy's weak spot, which is reflected in their high Crit and Attack Speed.
  • Assassin – Trainedin the dark arts, Assassins are able to turn their enemies to stone and fell them with ease.
  • Phantom – Elusiveand highly intelligent, Phantoms can walk amongst their enemies without being seen.
  • Mage - fire, ice, defend, attack! As intelligent fighters, the mage class is versatile and highly valued in any party. The mages draw power from the earth around them and release it as they see fit, which can be anything from a warm, healing glow to a deadly burst of lightening!
  • Warlock – Mastersof the elements, Warlocks cast powerful spells to attack large groups of foes at once.
  • Chrononaut – Chrononautscan not only travel through time and space at will, but also manipulate it to attack their foes.
  • Cleric – Withfaith as their guide, Clerics are able to harness light energy to both heal allies and attack enemies.

Unique Game Systems

  • Sprit Stone – Upgrade, convert, and infuse your spirit stone with power for an awesome mass-effect attack.
  • Wisdom – Learn from your enemies as you slaughter them. Follow the path of experience to the rank of Master for ultimate fighting knowledge!
  • Malacris – An epic weapon that requires much work to forge, but is well worth the effort!
  • Dragon's Hoard – Spin the wheel and take a chance at getting a load of great items from the dragon's hoard!
  • Eternal Abyss – Fight your way to the deepest level of the abyss for great rewards!
  • Military Rank – Earning honor will help you climb the military ranks in the king's army for special privileges.

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Screenshots of Broken Realm:

Broken Realm Screenshot

Broken Realm Screenshot

Broken Realm Screenshot



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