IAGGames Launches its First Chinese Web Game - New PAL Online

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Singapore, 11 December, 2012 - IAHGames returns to the fore with the launch of its first Chinese web-browser blockbuster game – New PAL Online.

Eager PAL games fans have been waiting for the official launch of this game for more than one year. And finally, the time has arrived.

New PAL Online, which will be first released in Chinese, will be officially launched in Singapore and Malaysia in December 2012. Its close beta testing started on November 30, 2012.

In the 2012 Golden Plume Awards Best Annual, New PAL Online was ranked third in the Top Ten Most Anticipated Web game Award list.

For more than a decade, the PC-based PAL game series was ranked as one of the all-time greats, played by millions of Chinese when the first version, PAL I, was launched in 1995.

PAL I won many awards from game magazines including CEM STAR magazine and Taiwan's KING TITLE Magazine. It was also on the top of the PC game rankings of the New Gaming Era magazine and the Pop Software magazine.

PAL V, which was released in 2011, chalked up sales of more than one million copies globally.

This latest online version of PAL, "New PAL Online", is authorized by Taiwan Softstar Entertainment Inc., supervised by the "father of PAL", Yao Zhuangxian, and developed by Shanghai-based award-winning games developer, DreamSquare.

Game Plot

The first version of PAL series, PAL I, is based on a complex and tragic love story involving three characters - the protagonist, a handsome youth Li Xiaoyao, a fairy named ZhaoLing'er and Lin Yueru, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy martial artist. The story was set against the rugged landscapes of southern China, with many treacherous cities, mazes, dungeons, monsters and wilderness.

New PAL Online has inherited the culture and plot of PAL game series. It aims to build the classic characters, scenes, plots and items in PAL series from I to V for game fans. Players can play roles of Paladins in the game world, and create Paladin stories of their own.

Characters for players to choose include: Gallant, Assassin, Alchemist and Sword-fairy.

Characters in New PAL Online:

New PAL Online: Nan Kezi
Male Alchemist - Nan Kezi

New PAL Online: Miao Erxiu
Female Alchemist - Miao Erxiu

New PAL Online: Ye Yougong
Male Assassin - Ye Yougong

New PAL Online: Bu Huajian
Female Assassin - Bu Huajian

New PAL Online: Wu Lingchun
Male Gallant - Wu Lingchun

New PAL Online: Yu Longyao
Female Gallant - Yu Longyao

New PAL Online: Feng Guiyun
Male Sword-fairy - Feng Guiyun

New PAL Online: Yue Huaqing
Female Sword-fairy - Yue Huaqing



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