Protect the City of Sky in New MMO, BoomSky

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Whether flying alone or with a legion of friends, aerial-combat MMO, BoomSky, has something for everyone.

Currently in open beta, publisher NGames' latest MMO, BoomSky, gives players the freedom to experience and dominate the dreamy, anime inspired City of Sky in a variety of different ways.

MMO's don't always have to be about bloodshed and steep learning curves.

BoomSky gives players the ability to explore the mysteries of the City of Sky without the constant fear of death, thanks to an advanced newbie protection system that ensures new players only battle other players of a similar level.

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The browser-based aerial-combat MMO puts user skill at the forefront of battle. Every low level player possesses the same starting abilities, while old-school keyboard controls mean combat victory is earned through being a good pilot, rather than by simply commanding an overpowered plane.

BoomSky Screenshot

Players can further their BoomSky experience by joining a legion of other players at Lvl5. The City of Sky is packed with legions awaiting applications, but getting accepted is a matter of impressing the guild leaders. Pilots that are turned away can either look for another legion to join, or show the legion who's really boss by challenging them to an aerial duel.

BoomSky Screenshot

Whether joining a legion or choosing to adventure alone, BoomSky offers budding pilots the chance to become a true Flying Legend. Team Leader Wario is always on the players side – a tough guy NPC who is able to shoot a warplane with deadly accuracy – but his use is limited and he soon vanishes after his energy is depleted. Learning how to best use the Warmblood, Supply, and Ironwall skills is the best way to survive.

Players can sign up for free and command their own warplanes at the official BoomSky website now:





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