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As time flies by, it's the last month of 2012 now. If the Mayan prophecy is true, it's also the last month of our world. So in this month, is there any game you're eager to play? Now it's time for us to recommend the new browser games to you. Do you still remember how many new games the developers brought to us during last month. It's OK if you forgot some of them, since I will show all of them to you now!

1. Totem

Last month, unveils a new online gaming destination and brought a new 3D browser-based MMORPG named Totem to all the gamers. After a short beta phase, the game is now playable on the Gamefuse website.

Totem is a real-time battlefield strategy game set in a fantasy world that gives armchair commanders the ability to gather and manage a horde of troops on the battlefield in strategic matches. Select a Hero from the three unique races and build an army to take on the world. Totem's gameplay focuses on strategic troop deployment and determining the optimal squadron to take into battle. Choose wisely, as resources are limited and only the right combination of troops and weapons will let you live to fight another day. Competitive game modes from campaign to PvP offer different bonuses and rewards.

Totem Screenshot

Totem Screenshot

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