New PAL Online Starts the First Test in Singapore and Malaysia

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"New PAL Online", which has been highly anticipated by PAL fans all over the world, started its first worldwide public test in Singapore and Malaysia on Nov. 30th, 2012. This cooperation between Dream Square and IAH (leading operator in Southeast Asia) is a new venture forming part of Dream Square's overseas strategy. It is reported that this will be a short-time test after which the test file will be deleted. The language version is simplified Chinese but this test is only for players in Singapore and Malaysia, and there is no IP available for registering in the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. What is worth mentioning is that "New PAL Online" was voted in the top 3 of the 10 most anticipated games of the most authoritative game award in China, the Golden Plume Award.

The CBT website:

New PAL Online

New PAL Online has inherited the culture of PAL game series. It aims to build the classic characters, scenes, plots and items in PAL series from I to V for the game fans. Players can play roles of Paladins in the game world, and create the Paladin stories of their own.

For more than a decade, the PC-based PAL game series mesmerized millions of Chinese fans in Taiwan and China and was ranked as one of the all-time greats, when it was launched in 1995. It is one of the most successful game series developed by Softstar Entertainment, a computer game company listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange.

New PAL Online took 3 years to research and develop. Anson Xu, founder and CEO of Shanghai's Dream Square, explained, "New PAL Online is developed using the robust engine Unity 3D. Unity 3D can support complex and detailed game pictures/graphics and is well-known for its excellent cross-platform performance. New PAL Online is the first Chinese style browser-based game developed using Unity 3D."

The cooperation test of "New PAL Online" in Singapore and Malaysia is a brave innovation. In traditional opinion, it is always not easy for a Chinese-style game to succeed in the overseas market, and this kind of game in particular is only welcomed in a few markets such as the Chinese Taiwan area, Vietnam, and other areas which prefer Chinese-style games. But for Dream Square and its people, their greatest aspiration is that one day the whole world will love Chinese games. There are 3 reasons why the excellent "New PAL Online" has a big chance to break down the barriers for Chinese-style games:

  1. "New PAL Online" is officially authorized by Taiwan Softstar, and recomposed according to the original story of PAL. This game had not only great influence on players on the Chinese Mainland and in Taiwan, but was also very popular all over the world;
  2. "New PAL Online" is developed using the Unity 3D engine of the international standard and as a result has picture effectiveness and representation as good as any other client games. This game has an exquisite and attractive story-line, and has many ways of playing, which indicates that "New PAL Online" can be the peak of Chinese-style online gaming;
  3. IAH, which Dream Square chooses to cooperate with this time, is a great operator in Southeast Asia,. This company has already successfully operated a variety of famous games such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft II, and enjoys both great popularity and rich experience in operating and expanding. IAH will definitely help "New PAL Online" to succeed.

The overseas department of Dream Square was established in August 2012, and devotes itself to export and overseas operations for its numerous games. For Dream Square, which has online games operating in over 30 countries and areas all over the world, there are several expectations for overseas strategy. Firstly, they hope that more and more of their games will be successfully launched abroad, secondly, they hope the games can break through into some new countries and areas, such as Japan and Korea while they also hope to try some new overseas strategies, such as co-operation with other entities. Dream Square attended the G-star event in Korea, which is its first show in the global market.The decision to pick Singapore and Malaysia to start the first cooperation of "New PAL Online" is a signal that Dream Square is making its overseas ambitions come true step by step. We believe that Dream Square will implement more and more overseas strategies in the future.



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