Powerful Opponents or Foolish Teammates, Who Are More Terrifying?

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Powerful Opponents or Foolish Teammates, Who Are More Terrifying?

Have you ever experienced such a moment that you fall at the feet of the other in less than two minutes in a duel, or simply find the other as steadfast as a mountain regardless of whatever you throw at him? What would you think under such circumstances? Would you enjoy such powerful opponent's massacre, or vow to face the other no more?

Then, take to your mind another scenario. On the verge of victory, when you are discussing through the commo links with your teammates on the Boss tactics, all of a sudden, some newbie draws a wave of monsters. Would you go mad or stand helplessly in such a moment?

Powerful players are always respected as reliable teammates and feared by most as opponents. They make up the true gaming champions and the ultimate model figures envisioned by all the players. They are admired and envied for their ultra APM, sharp minds and incomparable equipment. But, in the eyes of many players, a powerful opponent is never as much fearsome as a foolish teammate. Anyway, in today's online games, no one can save the world on his own. Even the most powerful players are daunted by disconnectivity, lags and newbies.

Then what makes up a foolish teammate?

Powerful Opponents or Foolish Teammates, Who Are More Terrifying?

1. He radiates confidence and takes everyone else lightly.

In his eyes, all the other teammates are worthless of his attention. Yes, he is not the goddamned wussy but the God instead. In his perception, the entire world revolves around him. Any other person's instructions constitute nothing. When the entire raid is pulling the monsters in an orderly manner, he is already running at the boss, radiating confidence.

2. He plays amazingly poorly but refuses to follow instructions.

There are two kinds of newbies, those who don't know how to play but follow instructions, and those who don't know how to play but refuse to follow instructions. The former group is bound for progress and aware of the big picture. They are likely to make improvement shortly afterwards by watching instance and PK video clips. However, there are always the newbies who turn a deaf ear to the instructions and move in the opposite direction. As a result, there are always skilled players who fall speechless in the face of dumb newbies.

3. He is too stupid to play a game.

Well, not much is needed to say. This family of fools simply cannot get it no matter how you try to teach them. They make the same mistakes again and again, stabbing on the teammates' hearts at the same time.

Powerful Opponents or Foolish Teammates, Who Are More Terrifying?

4. He holds a weird interest in ruining his team.

Imagine that a teammate suddenly turns on you when you are thick in battle with your opponent. What will come to mind in such a moment?

5. His mind is not occupied by the game but the beauties.

What if a priest stands by still when you desperately look for healing in the face of myriad formidable monsters, only registers the situation after you fall victim to the mob and makes the excuse that he was chatting with a beauty?



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