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Chrono Tales, a genuine 3D browser based MMORPG, has drawn much attention and has been a popular topic among large numbers of gamers. Closed beta code is in demand so the official (Ray Media) opens Email Submit Page link at to all, where gamers could get closed beta key by submitting your email there.

In Chrono Tales world, there are 5 job classes: Warrior, Assassin, Scholar, Mage, and Priest. Gamers who know World of Warcraft most probably understand each class's main work in different instances, and as to "Scholar", which is rare in most games, is kind like "Hunter" of WoW.

Chrono Tales

Scholars are the most mysterious force led by Raymond. No one knows their origin. The grand cannon invented by Manlans Meg has once made distinguished contributions in the battlefield. Learned and humorous scholars specialize in ranged physical attacks, and may cast a variety of self-developed devices to damage their foes. They research and master various surprising stunts to confuse and restrain their foes. However, scholars are vulnerable to magic attacks.

Plus, there are 3 craft professions catering to different players' preferences. Craft skills are practical skills drawn from daily life. With these skills, adventurers of Chroland can craft useful items from war trophies. Up to now, people have summarized 3 craft professions: Blacksmith, Pharmacist and Engineer.

Chrono Tales

In addition, that various avatar customization choices, to pick up favorite hairstyle and facial form, is another big feature for this game. And "Skill Preview" is a considerate design as the below picture shows Scholar's Skill. A Skill video link at lets you enjoy different classes' skills in advance of its Closed Beta launch. You can also watch the video below:

Besides, when playing in game, your characters could choose different actions:

Chrono Tales

See the character is crying. Other actions like salute, sit, show astonishment and even jump up to express your celebrations to others, all are awaiting gamers to experience the wonderful Chrono Tales. Before the official releases its Closed Beta, players could participate in warm-up events to win in-game gifts and rewards, and then you will take advantage over others.

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About Chrono Tales –

Chrono Tales is a free 3D browser-based MMORPG. The new generation engine provides players with anime-styled 3D graphics via browsers, without client download. Traveling through the time rift, players can explore in the fantasy world of Chrono Tales and save the realm from the resurgent evil. You can challenge immersive quest, forge legendary gear, tame mythological pets and experience much more mainstream MMO features in Chrono Tales.

About Ray Media Group Limited –

Ray Media Group Limited was founded in 2009 and then expanded itself into a much bigger one in 2012. Now we become an independent publisher, a globalized team concentrates on browser-based game development. What is more, a cutting-edge gaming platform is on our schedule and we intend to become a significant role in all the major gaming markets worldwide.



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