Castlot is Available on HuaYu Game with Gorgeous Gift

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Castlot, one more free MMORPG game lands on Huayu Game on 20th, Nov. After several Three Kingdoms themed MMORPG game, HuaYu game ushers in different theme browser-based game. Castlot is set in the Medieval Age where resistance leader Arthur leads the battle against Lord Blackmore who attempts to overtake the kingdom with violent action. It is disclosed that there will be Gorgeous Gift for players.


Castlot is a fully animated, multi-player online role playing game. Players can interact with each other, team up to explore the uncharted lands and battle for glory. There are multiple unprecedented features to enhance gameplay, such as Goblins and Framing system, various troop types and more. However, it is easy and friendly to the newbie to enjoy it. With the help of a smart tutorial, you can control your own avatar in the game with ease and battle against your enemy in real time!

The world of Castlot at that time is mainly separated into two factions—the Bright and the Dark, led by Arthur and Lord Blackmore respectively. There will be the fight between them. When the country will be out of chaos and return to an era of prosperity? Will you be the spy that Lord Blackmore seeks, or will you journey forth with Arthur and the Bright Knights? Will you be the one to make history? Or will choose the path of honor?


There are more exciting and unique features waiting for you to explore. Castlot will offer you the chance to decide your own lot just as the name implies.

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