Tamer Saga: Auto-Fight Saves Your Time

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Players never need to keep a weather eye on Tamer Saga nervously in front of the computer. This free-to-play anime-style RPG brought by PopPace aims to offer players completely new leisure game experience. Feel free to activate the Auto-fight function at any time to release your hands but upgrade your characters as fast as a rocket. More details are as follows.

The development team behind Tamer Saga designed 4 exclusive maps for players where they are able to sweep monsters to level up fast. Once players reach level 30, they are allowed to be teleported to Snowman Village with the help of the appointed in-game NPC. The world of Snowman Village is all covered with pure white snow. Towering snowcapped peaks rise majestically and back the village. Legions of Snowmen, Highland Snow Monsters, Frost Bats, White Slimes and even Frost Mushrooms may break cover suddenly and tear any outsider into pieces. On the other hand, they also bring players tons of experience and fortune.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Seashell Bay is a level 40 scene which consists of multicolored corals, iridescent shell-shape buildings, vigorous seaweeds and groups of ocean creatures. Players should be especially careful when they step into the territory of those beautiful but violent Sea Flowers and Giant Lobsters. Mermaids may show up, charm and take strangers anywhere dangerous. Snake Dragons lurk in the dark and are ready to gulp adventurers down uncritically. Players must sharpen their weapons and prepare enough restoration potions before they attempt to explore this mysterious zone. Of course, the best rewards for brave adventurers are abundant experience and countless gold.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

PopPace team will continue to unveil level 50 Pirate Strongroom and level 60 Grave Strongroom in the near future. So stay tuned.

Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. This simple yet exciting game offers immersive storylines and thousands of pets for players of all ages and skill levels, all without downloading a game client. Log in today and find out what all the talk is about.



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