Pockie Ninja II Original Gets a New One Piece Wardrobe

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NGames reveal the new One Piece inspired outfits and abilities for Naruto, Bleach and One Piece MMORPG, Pockie Ninja II Original

NGames, a leading online games publisher, has revealed a raft of new One Piece inspired outfits for Naruto, Bleach and One Piece browser-based brawler, Pockie Ninja II Original.

Launched October 25th, "Chapter 3 – Conquer the Shichibukai" brings One Piece lore sailing into Pockie Ninja II Original, adding mysterious islands, stunning new outfits, Devil Fruit items, and board game inspired adventures to the browser-based brawler.

Pockie Ninja II Original does away with the standard MMO class set up. Instead, an innovative outfit system gives players the ability to change their appearance and skill set on-the-fly. By collecting and switching outfits, players are able to alter their appearance and abilities to resemble hundreds of famous anime characters whenever they wish.

"Chapter 3 – Conque the Shichibukai" introduces several new outfits to the game, including:

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Hawk Eye - The greatest swordsman in the world can now be found in Pockie Ninja II Original. Even though he has no Devil Fruit powers, he can use his sword to do long range damage.

Rob Lucci - As a Carnivorous Zoan-type Devil Fruit user, Rob Lucci uses great speed to surprise his rivals.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Empress Hancock - Thanks to the Love-Love Fruit and her beautiful appearance, Empress Hancock's attacks seldom fail. In Pockie Ninja II Original, players can find three forms of her Love-Love Fruit skills, giving ninjas the ability to look dazzling while they defeat your rivals.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Blackbeard – As the ultimate antagonist of the One Piece series, Blackbeard has incredible power. His use of the Dark-Dark Fruit significantly weakens his opponents.

Nine Tail Naruto - In Pockie Ninja II Original, the Nine-Tail formed Naruto has the ability to summon Nine Tails himself.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Released Uchiha Madara – In a much anticipated update, players are now able to use Susanno in the Released Uchiha Madara outfit.

Players can get their hands on the new outfits and stun their rivals now: Chapter 3: Conquer the Shichibukai page.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a thrilling, completely free-to-play Naruto and Bleach MMORPG. Everybody is welcome to sign up and join the anime inspired fun now:

Official Site:

About Pockie Ninja II Original

Published by NGames, Pockie Ninja II Original brings a significant advancement over 2011's smash hit, Pockie Ninja. The Naruto and Bleach MMO sequel is available in two versions – a dedicated standalone version, and a patched version rolled out over Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja II Original features a massive new free-roaming world; thousands of updated quests and storylines; stunning new locations and graphics powered by the advanced engine 2.0; updated combat and clan systems; Zanpakuto blades; angelic wings; and much, much more.



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