ARPG VS SLG, Which One Is the Mainstream of Future Browser Games?

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ARPG VS SLG, Which One Is the Mainstream of Future Browser Games?

Perhaps it's been noticed by a number of players that the browser games have undergone substantial transition over the past years from the SLGs in 2008 to the RPGs afterwards, and the popular ARPGs at present. A growing number of game developers have joined the spree to create a variety of ARPG browser games, for example, widely acclaimed Crystal Saga, Drakensang Online and so on. Is it testimony to the fact that the ARPGs are steadily underway to replace the SLGs?

As is known to all, ARPGs deliver much more passion than the SLGs. In any sense, a real time combat style will more likely afford the players exciting gaming experience than the somewhat boring turn-based model. Moreover, due to the developers' eagerness for quick success, in most SLGs, wisdom and strategy are no longer the key to victory. Rather, cash players rule. This is why the majority of SLGs have been abandoned by the players.

However, the browser games are still under development. There is no sign yet all the defaults will be undone overnight. For the ARPG players, the myriad lags and crashes along with the browsers are giving the most headaches. Given the same gaming performance, the browser games are suffering much more from the lags than their client-based counterparts. As a result, the majority of the fandom still prefer SLG when it comes to the browser games. In their opinion, the game developers should better devote their resources to the making of quality and resourceful SLGs.

All that said, do you think the ARPGs will overtake the SLGs in the reign of the browser games? As a player, which style do you prefer?



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