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NGames Launch Pockie Pirates - Chapter 5: The Straw Hats

Date: Nov 11 2012 18:59:56 Source: Press Release Views:
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New expansion adds second Blue Bar and all new characters to One Piece MMORPG. Facebook exclusive post card competition launched to celebrate.

NGames, a leading online publisher, has launched Chapter 5: The Straws, the latest free expansion for One Piece browser-based adventure, Pockie Pirates.

Chapter 5 adds the much anticipated second floor to the All Blue Bar, where players can tackle new adventures in a bid to recruit powerful One Piece crew members to join their ships. All Blue crew members are the most potent in the game, each coming with their own unique special attacks and crew boosting attributes.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

When tacking the newly opened second floor, called All Blue Bar II, captains capable of overcoming the tough new challenges will be able to recruit well known One Piece characters such as Sanji, Zoro, Brook, Nami, and Usopp, to their ships.

Costing 4,800 fame points each, the newest set of All Blue characters may not be cheap additions, but they will be points well spent for any player looking to bolster their crew's capabilities.

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Luckily, NGames is celebrating the launch of Chapter 5 by giving players 10 free chances per day to complete the All Blue adventures, opening up the opportunity to earn more in-game fame than ever before.

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NGames has also launched an exclusive Facebook Event to celebrate the launch of Chapter 5: The Straw Hat - I CARD YOU, which is open until November 15th. The competition challenges players to get creative and design their best Pockie Pirates or One Piece post card.

NGames will choose 20 winners after the event has closed, rewarding the creators of the best post cards with bags of in-game gold, silver, warship upgrades and fame points. The overall winner will also have their post card professionally made and sent to them.

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Tip:Bonus points are on offer for those who add a custom Pockie Pirates or One Piece themed stamp to their post card. Be authentic, and be creative.

Chapter 5: The Straw Hats is available now. Players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:




About Pockie Pirates:

Pockie Pirates is the first horizontal version of RPG webgame released by Game321. Based on the theme of dream, passion, youth and friendship, players take on the role of a young pirate determined to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates. In the game, players will be confronted with various difficulties and need to root out enemies before they make their dream come true.

Pockie Pirates blends strategy and tactics with an entertaining game plot. It features cute characters and quality-designed backgrounds, combined with dazzling skills to present gamers a thrilling and exciting adventure around the sea.

What could be more appealing than having a number of trustworthy buddies, a dream pirate ship, and an island of your own? Seek the legendary treasure and to become the king of the Pirates on Game321 now!




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