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Have you played the most popular Web game recently named Time Travel Heroes? Maybe you have missed the Closed Beta Test and Open Beta Event, do not be disappointed, the S3 of Time Travel Heroes --Rising Kingdoms will come tomorrow. Welcome to Rising Kingdoms S3 to experience the fun of Time Travel Heroes. Do not forget Nov 9th 11:00(GMT+8), Time Travel Heroes is waiting for you there. Moreover there are the exclusive and generous gifts for new players from BBGsite.

Time Travel Heroes

Hurry up to join in Time Travel Heroes and make yourself become the fashionable players. Or you will be regarded as the "Out of Date". Here are some tips for new players. To follow the tip, you will catch up with other easily.

After you choose your hero, you can begin your game. You can let your hero fight in the battlefield.

1) How to enhance Order

First, you can enhance the weapon for your hero. And then, you can pay more attention to the equipment of the people who (who will be mainly attached) stand in front of you

(The order: armor>shoes>horse>soul>weapon)

2)How to get the Purple Blueprints and materials

For the equipment, in this game, there are blue ones and purple ones. You can get the blue ones by buying from the shop or getting by defeating the enemies. What is more, for the purple ones, you can only make it out by purple paper with some special materials. For LV20 the purple equipments, you can use the special purple paper, special materials and LV10 blue ones to make it out. For the LV40 purple ones, you can get it by the same way, only LV20 purple ones instead LV10 blue.

Time Travel Heroes

For the materials, you can open the BP, click the material you need, the system will lead you to the map which you can find more materials. What you are waiting for? Please act and join in Time Travel Heroes with the key from BBGSite to discover more fun yourself.

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