Tamer Saga: Plotters Behind the Scenes

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Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. This simple yet exciting game offers immersive storylines and thousands of pets for players of all ages and skill levels, all without downloading a game client. Log in today and find out what all the talk is about.

In addition to thousands of cute pets, monsters and mounts, there is no lack of cruel, brutish ancient demons in the fantastic world of Tamer Saga. Today, the development team behind Tamer Saga was willing to continue the introduction to those final Bosses in game. Players may be able to find some tips and defeat them more easily.

Evil Unicorn King in the Lost Forest

Lost Forest is a fairyland which is filled with countless fantastic elements, including lovely purple fairies, pudding-headed bears, strong unicorns and others. However, just like most of the fairy tales describe, a group of evil force is attempting to destroy the peace and quiet in the forest. Led by the Evil Unicorn King, those devils are ready to make troubles. Players must accomplish all storyline quests in the Lost Forest and then they are able to challenge the Evil Unicorn King face to face. Come on! Don?t let the demon near the lake destroy this amazing dreamland.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Sea Monster in the Wonderland

Players will be shocked once they step into the Wonderland under the depth of the ocean. Groups of distinct coral reefs, legions of huge starfish, dense sea grasses and cruising fish?Everything here makes you feel like a tremendous aquarium. Everything is so incredible and fresh here. In addition, mermaids are not the only myth here. Various fantastic creatures guard this wonderland with mermaids. However, those short-tempered Nagas are hostile to everyone who dares to go close. If you would like to explore this mysterious ocean, you must take care of yourself, especially when you come across this ugly Sea Monster which wields a spear at any time.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

PopPace team is pulling out all stops to add more attractive, interesting systems into the game. Join Tamer Saga now to experience brand new systems by yourself. Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit to enjoy Tamer Saga in HD version.



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