Dream Square's Mysterious New Flash3D Game "Project X" Debuts at G-Star

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8th Nov, 2012 – Shanghai The Dream Network Technology (Dream Square), the China Webgame Benchmark Company, will be invited to attend the Game Show & Trade, All-Round (G-Star) exhibition in Korea with its 6 new games, among which the mysterious, new and never published before Flash3D game, "Project X" will make its first appearance.

Project X Screenshot
Environment Concept

The game setting of "Project X" is based on Wagner's famous opera, "The Ring of the Nibelung." In order to forge the ring that rules the world, players need to seize the scattered "Gold of Rhine" around the world at all costs.

Project X Screenshot
Character Concept – Mage

Using the Flash Stage3D technique of the Adobe as interface and based on GPU-operated particle system, bones animation system and lightening and shadow system, "Project X" creates a 3D game engine compatible with PC/MAC and almost all client-browsers without installation of any plug-in. The picture performance and operating efficiency have absolute advantage over other similar products.

Project X Screenshot
Monster Concept

"Project X" realizes the physical collision between dynamic server and client. To optimize complex terrain, the navigation mesh path finding employs dynamic compression and decompression techniques to reduce reliability on network speed at the maximum level. Furthermore, a lot of optimization work has been conducted aiming at low-end machines and Mac OS, in order to support most computers on the market.

Project X Screenshot
Monster Concept

It is said that this is the first time "Project X" has publicized part of the game concept arts and offers a demo at the event. The operation experience is comparable to console games like Diablo III and the Torchlight series that have swept across the world. The game is not only unique in mainland China's webgame market, but also will be competitive in the internationally, with its western fantasy game genre and style.

Project X Screenshot
Character Concept – Warrior

"Project X" will make its debut in Korea. We can foresee that this elaborate webgame will attract the extensive attention of foreign game companies and players in Busan, Korea from November 8th to 11th.



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