Cyber Monster Ushers in Marriage System

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NGames reveal the trials and tribulations of love and marriage in a 3D browser-based adventure game world.

NGames, a leading online games publishers, has detailed the trials and tribulations of love, marriage and divorce in their uniquely romantic 3D browser-based MMORPG, Cyber Monster.

In the romantic world of Cyber Monster, players can marry each other in exchange for exclusive gameplay benefits. The only requirement? Heaps of virtual love – awww.

Well, that and a few gameplay thresholds.

Marriage is available to everybody, assuming they are in-game friends, both single (Cyber Monster promotes monogamy) and are both lvl 20 or higher. With these requirements met, gamers can purchase wedding rings and express their true love for one another regardless of their gender preference. If you love him (her) - marry her (him)!

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A Decent Proposal

Any good marriage follows a good proposal – the world of Cyber Monster is no different. Before entering wedlock, players must propose to their significant other at the romantic Godfather's location in the City of Dawn.

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Well prepared lovers can purchase wedding rings and proposal tokens from the shop in advance – the ring being fully refundable if your chosen spouse decides to run away rather than accept. Should that happen, just remember: It's probably not's them. Luckily, NGames have will reward those unlucky in love with in-game gold if they are repeated turned away.

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Due to the limited energy of the busy marriage clerk, only 4 proposals will be granted a day, making each marriage in Cyber Monster a truly special game-wide occasion.

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On the happy day, players pay a venue fee for the wedding itself – which, true to life, is none refundable in the event of a sudden rejection – and must bring a witness along to the event.

Weddings are held between 20:00 – 21:00 every day at one of 5 beautiful locations: Romantic Beach, Mystic Sea, Dreamy Sky, Candy Love, and Snowfield. The news of each wedding is broadcast across the entire Cyber Monster world and all players are welcome to attend, though there is a limited amount of space per wedding.

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Upon marriage, newlyweds receive a gift box full of unique prizes, and also inherit key stats from their partner's class – making wedlock a truly worthwhile endeavour.

Furthermore, spouses can assist each other in battle. The more intimate couples become - a stat that increases by spending time online and performing key tasks together - the more they can assist each other.

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

Inevitably, not all marriages end in happiness. Divorce is a toilsome and costly process, requiring a Divorce Pack that costs 888 Coupons.

If it truly isn't working, players can get divorced with a single click at any time, except for 18:00-21:00, which is when the marriage clerk is busy dealing with other, happier wedding procedures.

With tons of NPC's, events and tournaments, gamers seeking a new MMORPG with cute characters, innovative gameplay and a laid back community should see what Cyber Monster has to offer. Interested players can join the open beta fun now:

Official Website:


About Cyber Monster:

Based on a magical storyline in the European Middle Ages, Cyber Monster provides a thrilling world where players grow up as they overcome hoards of difficulties on the fantastic journeys.

There're an array of paper dolls to match up, pets to select and mounts to ride in the game. The lovely turn-based game features the fantastic scenes, cute monsters, stunning skill effects and various gameplays that include flying with the mounts, raising pets, casting magic, and making friends, etc.



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