Heng Sao Tian Xia Meets an Own Goal of Overseas Media

Date: Oct 31 2012 19:36:55 Source: Press Release Views:
KeyWord: Heng Sao Tian Xia, 3D, Browser Game, MMORPG

As Golden Plume Award competition heats up, much of attention from media and players has been attracted to those elaborate and high-qualified games, one of which is "Heng Sao Tian Xia" (working title), developed by Gamewave Group. As a martial-arts themed 3D ARPG game, "Heng Sao Tian Xia" has aroused great concern among Chinese domestic market and game industry, and even met an "Own Goal" from the over-seas media.

Heng Sao Tian Xia

The game "Heng Sao Tian Xia", recently to be exposed to find strategic cooperation partners globally, has covered major media from both home and abroad. At this point, it is amazing to see that, one of the most famous game media in Vietnam, put up a piece of news titled with "Heng Sao Tian Xia from Gamewave Group Has Sold Out Its Authority of Agency in Vietnam". Actually, the fact proved by a principal from Gamewave Group, is that "Heng Sao Tian Xia" is still in the process of business discussion, and has not given any priority to launch in any overseas market yet, though it does have been frequently asked about by many overseas media these days.

Heng Sao Tian Xia Screenshot

It is said that "Heng Sao Tian Xia" has shown its great market potential and received high popularity among the overseas game companies in the recent China Joy debut. This "own goal" from the media abroad have undoubtedly proved its popularity again. As for the question of who might get the game's overseas proxy, the principal said, "Gamewave is still engaged in finding the best global strategic partner for this game, "Heng Sao Tian Xia"(working title), with the purpose of better exporting our traditional martial-arts culture through the game and its various multilingual versions.



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