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Gstar, the biggest global game event in Korea, will be held from Nov 8th to 10th, 2012, in Busan, South Korea. COG, the main overseas publishing platform in China, will join the exhibition for the 3rd time with force, displaying numerous (10+) top titles from Chinese origin.

Since its inception, COG has always been dedicated to overseas publishing, which is to say it has been continuously looking for high quality games in China for overseas publishers. At Gstar 2012, COG is presenting 8 new domestically made masterpieces, including both client-based and browser-based games: Titan Siege, War of Glory, Blade Craft, The Source, The Best Swordsman, Paralines, Mo Zhi JingLing,Wu Dou Qian Kun. Having passed strict selection by COG, all the games will present their own special featuress and core gameplay. As such, overseas publishers will be provided with a deeper understanding of Chinese games in all aspects, including the capability of the developers, theme and style, art skills, engine development, etc.

Titan Siege

Titan Siege is an open–style 3D MMORPG game in a multi-legend setting combined with sword-and-magic fantasy. It mixes the legends of Northern Europe, Greece, Egypt and other ancient countries. In order to help people get rid of brutal domination, players will take on missions and journey towards killing the Titans. Titan Siege has been under development for several years at one of COG's in-house studios. Using its own powerful engine, the game has graphics and depth matching top titles on the market. With the 3D seamless map technique, as well as server-side 3D logic, players have a very high degree of freedom, as they can walk, fly or swim towards any part of the map. Several techniques, including delaying, dynamic lights and shadow, with volumetric lightning create an visually very appealing scenery. Titan Siege has won the CGDA award for most outstanding engine.

BladeCraft is an Action RPG with excellent visual presentation. Situated in a western-style fantasy world and including vivid PVE/PVP experiences, Blade Craft leads players into fully immersive picturesque scenery. It provides intense combat experiences and lets the player acquire a rich variety of personal achievements within the game. Additionally, a balancing system, no target-locked combat, speciliazations and advanced combos make for an excellent and refreshing PvP experience.


COG will continue to bring premium games in several varieties to different markets and adjust its services to meet local market needs. This professional service is extended well into the licensing process as well as the whole operation period of the game. COG is looking forward to meeting you at the COG booth at Gstar 2012, at B2B I-02 (3rd floor)!

About COG

Established in 2006, as a leading platform for publishing Chinese games in overseas markets, COG is dedicated to developing and publishing online games in overseas markets. COG's goal is to publish high-quality Chinese games in overseas markets through the COG network and to establish itself as the No.1 overseas publishing platform in China. Our aim is to provide such services, that with the help of COG, developers can focus on R&D and publishers can focus on excellent operation, thus achieving a win-win situation.

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