RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend Starts On Saturday

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Friday 26th October 2012, Cambridge, UK – Are you ready for a weekend of extreme levelling and progress like never before? Of course you are. It's time to grab your sword, polish your shield, gather your clan mates and jump into RuneScape, the World's Greatest Adventure, for this weekend's Bonus XP event.

Whether it's stocking up on Rune essence, collecting potion ingredients or planning a Dungeoneering party with all your friends, now is the time to prepare so you can make the most out of the bonus XP weekend.

The Bonus XP Weekend event will begin at 12:00 GMT (8:00am EST) this Saturday and will end at 12:00 GMT (8:00am EST) on Monday the 29th of October.

Once the Bonus XP Weekend begins, all RuneScape members will receive double XP to any standard skill and, for the first time ever, all RuneScape players on free-to-play worlds will receive a 1.2 multiplier to XP received from standard skill activities.

These multipliers will also stack with a number of XP boosting items in game, including the Lumberjack outfit, the Constructor's outfit, the Mad May necklace and the brawling gloves. For a full list of items which have their XP bonuses stacked with this event, please see

To create your account and prepare for this weekend's Bonus XP multiplier, visit today.

About RuneScape

RuneScape is the world's most popular free-to-play online adventure game (as recognised by Guinness World Records) from award-winning independent British development studio Jagex.

Set in a vivid and detailed fantasy world, RuneScape's universe and narrative proudly draws its inspiration from classic role-playing games, delivering an innovative and original experience for millions of players worldwide every day. RuneScape is totally free-to-play, with a popular subscription option of even greater scale and ambition, both running directly within almost any computer's browser.

Players are not restricted by character classes and with its open-world gameplay there are no limits to the hero players can become. All quests are accessible to all and player-versus-player combat is an optional experience.

RuneScape's witty tone, finely balanced gameplay, epic questing and completely open world combine to create a game that has earned its place as the most popular free-to-play online adventure game of all time and continues to push the boundaries as the World's Greatest Adventure.

About Jagex Games Studio

Jagex Games Studio is a multi-award winning games developer based in Cambridge, England. Jagex specialises in the development of high quality browser-based games and is the largest independent games developer and publisher in the UK.

Jagex has a long-standing reputation for creating the world's best online games and for developing hugely popular, high quality, accessible, free-to-play games and for providing an unbeatable community experience for millions of players around the world. Jagex has developed and self-published over 40 online titles, including the world's most popular free multiplayer online game,



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