Do You Play Games in Working?

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KeyWord: Play Games in Working, Wage Earners, SNS, Browser Game, Sword Girls, Urban Rivals, Farmerama

As a popular way of entertainment, online games have become pervasive in our life. Nowadays, more and more wage earners are joining school students and unemployed graduates to enjoy themselves in games.

If you are sharp-eyed and quick-moving enough and can hear your boss' coming by judging from the steps,
If you are bold and cautious enough and can predict your boss' movement,
Then you are one of those trend leaders who dare play games in working.

Is it right to play games in working?

Not all of us are busy in working. Sometimes, it's pretty boring in the office. Therefore, numerous white-collars are in great need of a cheap or free way of entertainment which doesn't need much mental work or complete time slot. Thus, "Vegetable Steal" became famous overnight and spread everywhere. That's also the reason why SNS games are most white-collars' favorites.

However, an SNS site was reproached for time wasting, secret disclosing and void resulting from invented wealth. Thus a trend to stop "Vegetable Steal" is also spreading over the world. Some clerks indulged in "Vegetable Steal" even got fired by their bosses. Another serious case is that a doctor delayed the treatment of a little patient due to "Vegetable Steal", which aroused extensive social debate.

What games do white-collars play in working?

Option 1: Chess and Card Games

A lot of web-based games and Facebook games are chess and card games, which are favored by the idle clerks who don't care to spend just several minutes a round in the game and relax themselves in working. Have you ever played Sword Girls, Urban Rivals and other games in working?

Urban Rivals Screenshot

Option 2: SNS Games

Unconsciously, thousands of white-collars have become the main "Vegetable Stealers". They never get tired of stealing and anti-stealing every day. Some of them even set an alarm clock to "steal" vegetables at midnight. Anyhow, every person has his own like. Some people think they can have fun in "Vegetable Stealers", while others believe the "Vegetable Stealers" lost themselves in this boring game. Nevertheless, we have to admit that Farmerama has become a popular game around the world.

Farmerama Screenshot

Option 3: MMORPGs

White-collars are definitely challenging themselves to play such games, because without sharp eyes and skilled controls, they must have been cursed by their boss. In order to play such games, are you ready to close the game client immediately after you trade something with other players?

Wizard 101 Screenshot

So, how do you think about playing games in working?



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