Time Travel Heroes Grand Launch with Generous Gift in Closed Beta Test

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I'm sure you've watched or heard of Time Travel movies and TV series, but have you played a MMORPG of the theme of time travel? Now we invite you to Time Travel Heroes for Closed Beta Test on October 19th 11:00(GMT+8), in which you will travel through eras and enjoy the fun you've never had before!

Time Travel Heroes

Game Background:

Qin Shihuang got an ancient treasure, and he twisted time and space and brought the historical heroes into the era of Three Kingdoms in order to collect their souls. And the player will also travel by time to deliver the demonized heroes and help to fight against the Demon Qin Shihuang.


In the game, you can get fresh fun—be careful, you will be easily addicted!

a) Rich in quests: The game has prepared for you different kinds of quests to finish, so you will never feel bored! For example, you can accept the main quests, branch quests, biography quests, daily quests at the same time, and you can choose to finish first any of them! What can make you progress fast, then just do it!

b) Rich in events: In the game, you can not only join the faction events but also the common events to get more bonuses! Assist the faction members and make your faction stronger!

c) Rich in ways to enhance power: We've prepared for you many ways to enhance power! Besides the traditional way to enhance equipment and accumulate experience, you can learn 6 skills and cultivate yourself, or divine and explore destinies to enhance capacity, or even invite assistants from tavern to help you!

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

Invite Assistants from Tavern

d) Rich in ways to get resources: Don't worry you have no enough resources like Gold, Copper, Exp, Practice, and Reputation to progress in the game, coz we've prepared many ways for you to get them! Besides you can get resources by passing stages, you can also use Fortune Amulet, levy, challenge in Arena, joining events, and cross river! Or if you want more, you can recharge to become a VIP player!

Cross River

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

Tips for Novice to join the Closed Beta Test:

Step 1: Enter the Official Website: and enter the server Closed Beta

Step 2: Get the Novice Card on the right of the server name and copy the Novice Card.

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

Step 3: Enter the game.

Step 4: Go to Reward under Notice and enter the Novice Card number to activate the game.

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

Step 5: Collect rewards from the panel of Reward.

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot

During the Closed Beta Test, join the events and you will get more rewards!

  1. Daily Login Pack: Log in every day and you will get Gold, Copper, Elixir, Reputation, equipment materials, Destinies, and VIP experience as rewards!
  2. Level Reward: Every day Gold will be sent to 3 players with highest levels!
  3. Quest Reward: Gold will be sent to 3 players who pass quests fastest in the first 3 days.
  4. Reward for Zhang Liao Stage: Pass Zhang Liao Biography to get Blueprint, Life Pill *1, 100,000 Copper, and materials for Lv 20 weapons.

Don't hesitate anymore! If you want to be a fashionable game player, then come to Time Travel Heroes to travel by time! First come, first serve!

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