Goblin Flash Mobs Strike RuneScape

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If there's one thing that gets goblins to put their sartorial differences aside, it's a good, old-fashioned raid. RuneScape's world of Gielinor has been overrun with gangs of green-skinned hoodlums rampaging across the land, and it's up to RuneScape players to send them packing!

Every half an hour, an on-game chat box announcement will go out, giving the location of the latest goblin incursion, so you'll know exactly where to go to kick some green, warty butt.

The goblins themselves will drop skilling materials useful to low-level players. Each raid will be led by a goblin chieftain, too, who can drop some unique items: a raider's axe and shield, and some goblin-modded torso armour.

Head on over to the Goblin Village if you want to pick a fight to the goblins themselves, kill 15 goblins there and you'll invoke the ire of one of the village's three goblin bosses - each fighting with a different combat style.

These bosses have the chance to drop a goblin cower shield. This unique item gives a bonus of 25% in Attack, Defence and/or Constitution XP earned while training; up to 1000 bonus XP in total, before it becomes a cosmetic item.

To test your metal against these goblin hordes, simply log-in to, slip on your best goblin-bothering boots and head out for some flash mob mayhem!



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