Looda Muva Games Announces the Beta Launch of Sword and Honor

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Looda Muva Games, a new Serbian developing company of free to play browser based games is delighted to announce the beta launch of it's first browser based game Sword and Honor. After a successful Closed BETA testing and a lot of great feedback from players around the world, the game is ready to allow players to join it's fascinating adventures.

Sword and Honor is launched only in English and Romanian with plans to add more localizations in the near future, including: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, France, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Holland..

Sword and Honor Screenshot

About Sword and Honor

Sword and Honor is a massively multiplayer browser-based strategy game created and published by Looda Mova Games in English and Romanian.

Bringing together some of the best elements from strategy, RPG and management games, Sword and Honor allows users to build and expand their kingdom and experience a rich story within a beautiful living fantasy world based on the Slavic mythology of the Three Warriors: The Bandit, The Fairy and The Knight.

Sword and Honor Screenshot

"It was written in the old books. One story tells of the return of the times of honor and sword, times of great warriors and great battles, the times of birth of freedom. Druids, The Wise, Prophets wrote of what they read in the stars: "In the time of fear and darkness, when greed and lust prevail with people THREE warriors shall appear. One who is a Bandit, one who is a Knight and one woman-warrior, a Fairy! Together, they will bring freedom."

Sword and Honor Screenshot


The Goal of the game is to win Golden Key Which opens the door to a new game: II WAR

The game is available for free in any PC or Mac internet browser with no download on for English language and for Romanian language.

Sword and Honor Screenshot

About Looda Muva Games

Looda Muva is young Serbian game studio emerged from Serbian award winning start up team SWORD AND HONOR w.b.g.s. Team exists for last two years and company is officially founded in 2012. year. Soon, for players, will be available second part from sword and honor trilogy : II WAR !



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