Dark Age Wars Receives An Important Update

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DarkAgeWars, the free to play multi-player medieval strategy game, has received a very important game update. A new battle system has made its way to the game set in medieval Europe. The new battle system features entirely new rules for the various combat units that players use to wage war with each other. The combat will become more realistic, more brutal and account for more historically accurate casualties. Now players will need to rethink their strategies when going into battle. Overall the new battle system is a large step forward for the free to play strategy game.

The battle system occurs in rounds and players receive battle reports every 5 minutes. Before attacking others players' units you must demolish the opponent's wall which requires the use of siege units such as Battering Rams, Trebuchets and Mangonels. There are 6 categories of units: Cavalry, Archers, Spearmen, Swordsmen, Siege and Diplomatic. Each category of unit will have the upper hand against another specific category of unit. For instance, Calvary is strong against Archers, yet it is weak against Pikemen. When battling it is best to understand the types of units you are going up against, send the correct counter units, and make sure your total strength can defeat the opponents total defense.

In addition to these new changes, the way the diplomatic unit works has been changed. Instead of the diplomatic unit, the heir, needing to gain experience and become "crowned" to take over a kingdom he now only needs to be present in an army to take that kingdom. In exchange, DarkAgeWars has introduced a factor called Loyalty to kingdoms. To take over a kingdom, you must get it's loyalty down to 0%. To do this, you need to include heirs in your army. Heirs will use their diplomatic skills to reduce the loyalty of that kingdom so it can be taken over.

DarkAgeWars is a free to play medieval strategy game that is playable through browser. Anyone can access the game simply by visiting The game is developed by Pixabit, Inc. a California game developer and has been out since late 2008. Since then DarkAgeWars has evolved into the game it is today. Set on a map of Europe players build their kingdoms, develop their economies and build their armies. Players can join with other players to form alliances to carry out team based play. The social aspect of the game have many players hooked. In the end DarkAgeWars is a fun and entertaining game for anyone fond of games set in the medieval era or those who enjoy a quality strategy game.

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