Become Monster Destroyer on Minotaur of Odin Quest

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The 6th server Minotaur of Odin Quest will be released on at 05:00 9th, Oct PDT. is an online browser game publisher which has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods. Odin Quest is an MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century.

Wanna be a Monster Destroyer, players should level up and equip advanced higher quality items to increase the strength. On Odin Quest, the measurement of one's power is Rating, which will be checked on the upper right corner of Prof panel. The higher the rating is, the stronger the player is.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Players can check Event button on top right corner of main interface to level up quickly, especially finish Daily Escort quest, Red Dragon's Liar Dungeon, Buffet, etc., in which bountiful exp will be obtained. Players must try your best to level up, so as to be qualified to equip powerful equips.

The most important element for players to obtain higher rating, especially attack attribute, is equipment. On Odin Quest, there are kinds of Dungeons, from which different quality equips will drop, for players in different levels. In Underground Dungeon, players can obtain Lv30-50 blue equips to increase your ratings. In order to get equips of higher quality, players will challenge Battle in Elfhame with different difficulties to obtain higher level blue, even the purple equips and other accessories, or players can explore the Treasure Hunt for Purple equips, or challenge Burning Church to collect enough frag. to exchange for purple equips.

Odin Quest Screenshot

After players obtain these higher quality equips and accessories, you should enhance or upgrade the star to increase your rating after you equip them. Then you must search and collect the necessary items in enhance and star. There are two dungeons for you to obtain them, they are Pirate Dungeon and Star Dungeon. Using collect enough stones or crystals, powerful equips will be obtained.

Odin Quest Screenshot

There are also other elements to increase the strength. For instance, players can challenge Shrine Church for SoulBlade Frag. to exchange for advanced SoulBlade. And players can shop around in Shop to get some awesome Skin to increase the rating.

The way to become stronger ever the best needs great effort, but the laborious and talent players can achieve that. It's the interesting and accomplishment way for them, with the much-adored glory and powerful chopped pleasure. Now start the way to become monster destroyer on Youjoy.

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