Tamer Saga Releases Tons of Updates

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PopPace team was very glad to announce that the new Personal Mount system has been formally added into Tamer Saga this week. In addition, the development team behind Tamer Saga also brought tons of updates and game adjustments at the same time. More details are as follows.

Game Updates

  1. Personal Mount System: The new mount system allows players to obtain a mount, except from the divination system or a guild's paddock. Players can also enhance and upgrade their personal mounts to receive better permanent attribute bonuses.
  2. New Event System: It allows players to directly view all available in-game events and claim event rewards after they meet the detailed requirements.
  3. Updated VIP Interface: Different level VIPs are able to directly claim the corresponding gift pack to obtain Demon's Treasure Boxes, Prestige and Gold from VIP Interface. Higher level VIPs will obtain more abundant rewards.
  4. When players view others' character interface, they are able to click the "Track" button and be teleported to the target character's location.

Bugs Fixed and Game Adjustments

  1. An icon "New" will be displayed on the Event Interface if qualified players haven't claimed their event rewards.
  2. Some appointed items are able to be used in batch.
  3. An icon "Extract Gold" has been added on the main game interface.
  4. The number of the following pets will be correctly displayed.
  5. The Arena's battle report will be completely displayed even though a player has a long name.
  6. The guild mounts' description has been modified.

PopPace team is pulling out all stops to add more attractive, interesting systems into the game. Join Tamer Saga now to experience brand new systems by yourself. Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit to enjoy Tamer Saga in HD version.



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