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Castlot, a revolutionary strategy game with perfect combination of resources management and fighting, has been launched on the JoyoPark for over two months and is highly acclaimed through mass players. The game is set in the era of medieval Britain where the kingdom is divided into two factions: the Bright and the Dark, led by Arthur and Lord Blackmore respectively. Players may choose whichever faction to join their journey here in Castlot.

As a web based game, there isn't a need for client download, registration is easy, and requirements are low so that the game is easily accessible and can be played anywhere. It introduces multiple unprecedented features to enhance gameplay, such as the babel tower, cards and explore system and more.

New Feature: Babel Tower

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After beating the Lv.30 NPC in Arena, players may be able to enter the Babel Tower. The tower has 10 floors in total. Enter each floor to defeat the Tower Sentries to get their drops. Some of the items are very rare and helpful in upgrading your hero stats.

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Players may choose different difficulties from "Normal" "Nightmare" and "Hell". Choosing difficulty according to your hero's power is suggested.

Cards: The fascinating part about Castlot

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Cards is a big system in Castlot. It contains skill, talent and war element. Cards are drawn randomly and players have a chance to get some really powerful cards. Players may choose "Auto Draw", "Auto Sell" or "Auto Pick" to deal with all cards.

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Equip your epic heroes with different cards are very helpful. Skill cards are important in arena and towers. Usually an attack with skill is much more powerful than normal attack. Talent and war element cards are used in battles, which support the whole troops from players.

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Blue Skill: Suicide Attack. Player sacrifices a small amount of hp and makes a powerful hit to opponent.
In Arena, while two players are really close, it is usually the skills that decide the winner.

Explore: enjoy RPG feature in a strategy game

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The Explore system is where players can fight different NPCs in a real-time combat mode. It is an effective way to get intangible things like Prestige, Exp and Morale, and tangible things like superior equipment, gems for enhancement, cards and other items.

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You will also get a rating if you win. There is a Replay and a Show button for you to replay your battle or showcase it to other players. A battle report will be sent to your mailbox every time you challenge an NPC.

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The game is updated with more details and functions to help players in their gaming.

Castlot incorporates both the turn-based and highly realistic powerful combat modes to enhance gaming experience. Every experience is a form of exploration. Your dreams may come true at an unexpected time in an unexpected way, if you have the courage to pursue them. Now unleash your passion and enter the land of legends! Be a courageous reformer! Free to believe and free to do as you please from our site or Facebook.



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