The Grand Science-SLG-Webgame Massacre & Conquest is Coming

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KeyWord: Massacre Conquest, Massacre Conquest Beta Test, SLG, Web Game, New Game

"Build", "Expansion" and "Intrusion" are the necessities of SLG. The brand new Massacre & Conquest breaks the regular rule and allows users to experience a more "Free" world!

Micro-operate: "The first game of the seamless map and the total-free movement mode in the world".

The first game of SLG+RTS in the world to blow your eyes!

Free: No waiting, no limits!

Massacre & Conquest

Unique feature 1: Grand science background

As the ruler of the earth,human beings are so greed that they use the nuclear weapons to expand their territory,which leads to the disaster that radiation areas cover here and there,all kinds of sources are polluted,and huge amount of living things die one after another.

Along with the Nuclear Explosion renews the world setup ,strange weather like radiation rain and bloody moon disappears and impairs the world.What's more,humans lose their dominant position by losing territories and sources.On the contrary.two old tribes called "Vampire" and "Werewolf"put up a strong resistance to the Explosion to survive and then make every effort to challenge.

Humans and other savage species to gain pure sources to be stronger.Survive of the fittest.The explosion doesn't cease the fire,but rages the battle between those survivors.The war and fighting is continuing…Waiting for the new king of the crazy world!

Massacre & Conquest

Unique feature 2: Free

With many attractive systems, "Massacre Conquest" keeps focus on the "Highly free" in-game comparing to other SLG, which serves as the core concept of " Massacre Conquest ". In the game, players can build their Nests and constructions wherever they like, in other word, the location of cities in " Massacre Conquest " varies according to the need of each player.

Battle in "Massacre Conquest" shows the "Highly free" to a further extent, for players can control the movement of their troops in the world map like "RedAlert" as well as "StarCraft, what's more, players can achieve their own strategy in a "Highly free" way.

Unique feature 3: Innovation

The first game with a "seamless" world map
The first game with RTS-architecture
Creative "resource consumption" design rather than "time consumption" in traditional SLG
Attrative "Highly free" battles

Massacre & Conquest Screenshot

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