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Yeepgame has started a whole new genre of gaming called Call of Thrones. Some would refer to it as RPG for Dummies since they make it so easy to jump in and start playing. The first twenty or so levels they totally hold your hand so that you can get used to the game and how to level up. Their GMs are some of the best I have seen in 30 years of RPG always willing to lend an ear or explain things as well as fixing those random glitches that always happen in games. Altogether a very enjoyable experience can be enjoyed by the whole family. In today's world of instant gratification this certainly fills the bill although in order to get that gratification work is required from you. It is easily understandable even by those who hate reading. The first step you should take when starting game is to click the help button top middle of the screen. There are many guides explaining pretty much all in as short a way as is possible and still be understood. And although you meet many bullies gaming nowadays Call of Thrones has figured out a way to keep it as fair as possible with the speed stat to make up for possible lag issues and having the level limit where you cannot PK(player kill) more than ten levels below you. Altogether a very pleasant experience is preparing for young and old alike.

They have daily giveaway.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

These are usually combat mastery scrolls, relic XP ones, smart beans (pet/mount) food for your animals or relic repair shards.

Level up giveaways

Call of Thrones Screenshot

It is usually armors as well as pet training books, relic upgrade books, sometimes artifact shards.

Let us not forget the arena

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Almost everything can be achieved without spending real money just takes time and hard work. With the game it helps you along the way. On our server we have a bully guild that wants to hold all towns but as we saw last weekend people will come help if you ask this was a new facet to the game up until that point I had not experienced and although our guild couldn't have succeeded alone it was still fun learning how it worked and in the end with some great friends help we won! It was really funny. All in all I must say if you have few minutes to kill spend it here rather in other Facebook games which just get you frustrated having to keep adding people just to advance. It is very easy to be top level here within a couple weeks time. And unlike other games where once you reach top level where there is nothing left to do you can increase your zodiac and your combat mastery to become a totally awesome killer.

There are also achievements you can gain that after you complete a series of them like finding prophecy stones you gain DMG or health so many different ways to make your char the strongest it can possibly be. This game has held my attention for a quite a while and I feel is well worth spending a few dollars on it if you have them to spare. In order to make the most of your money make sure if you do spend that you do it while an event is going on because yet again the game gives you lot of bonuses: from first time recharge to 30% off shop items spend wisely and you can more than double your money investment.

Now we have introduced the gameplay of Call of Thrones to all the game-lovers. You can click those links below to enter Yeepgame platform or Call of Thrones. Wait for you guys!

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