Fierce Argument About DC & DC II When OBT to Come

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Dragon's Call II

With the "yay" speedy release of Dragon's Call II (abbreviation as "DC II"), when some veteran players of Dragon's Call (abbreviation as "DC") are still living under a rock, DC II Open Beta Test is even slated to be launched on 22:00 Sept.25th (EDT), after this period of successful Closed Beta Test, game adjusted, bugs fixed and system improved, owed a lot to the enthusiastic participation by loyal players of DC, growing up with the official.

One of game journalists in Gamedp, Melisande questions the official's behavior, thus arousing a heat debate in the game forum.In her point of view, DC II is the same game with DC. "Is it even a sequel? Has the "story" progressed? Or is this DCII more of a new and improved DC? Looks different, but the same? Like Diablo 1 and 2, there is a progression, yes? Specifically in terms of the storyline."

For most Gamedp players, they are satisfied with DC, since it was born 3 years ago, and after the comparison and contrast between DC & DC II, actually, DC II is not a simple sequel. Rokkumon, the community manager of the game points out "Just because a storyline progresses doesn't mean it's literally a sequel."

Players even argue about "Beginning of the End", the slogan of DCII, which means DCII is another beginning of DC end. Some are disagree with the title. "Why not make it a separate one, another slogan and all, and let DC slowly descend into the abyss." However, the truth is that, DC II based off all the base lore of DC even if with stuff added, new systems, and a different style of play in how the battle system and stuff like that." Both do have the connection and disconnection, while the world is much more beautiful in DCII. But it does matter much that it is sequel or prequel.

Though the argument is still on, the official has announced the CBT end time is 10:00 pm Sept. 23th. Also, players who recharge during CBT could give 110% return but the server will be wiped before OBT kicks off.

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Dragon's Call II: Revival of the Giant Dragons is a western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG. Dragon's Call II does not follow the conventional leveling system which only enables players to earn experience mainly by grinding. Instead, the game introduces a brand-new leveling system which will make it easier to level player controlled characters and certainly add much more fun to the process. In the game, players will enjoy a rich variety of splendid combat modes and skills. In addition, the aesthetic western-styled architecture will make you be fully integrated into the fantasy game world. Together with various systems, humanistic storyline, a lot of tough stages and miscellaneous fun gameplay, Dragon's Call II will demonstrate a totally different exciting and fun game world so that players cannot stop themselves from falling into such enjoyment.

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