Summon Spark: The First CB End Successfully! Let's Expect the Second Test!

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In recent days, Summon Spark, the web game developed by M-etel and Wanyou Online Technology Co. Ltd. together, has been tested for the first time in mainland China. It is a test limited the number of players and it is only the simplified Chinese version of the game. Amazingly, the first 1,000 activation codes were finished out by players only in one day and the supplemental 1,000 were also finished out very soon. The first test was end in a satisfactory way at 2pm, 8th September. The developers are very grateful for the players’ support and encouragement and they will devote to the updating of the game heart and soul.

In addition, the developers would be very glad to present the duel of players in the game in particular for your enjoyment!

※The situation of the duel of players in the first CB of the simplified Chinese version of Summon Spark in mainland China!

News for the Second Test

The second test of the Summon Spark in mainland China is about to be held during 15th to 23th in September.
To acknowledge the ardent support of the players, the developers ensure that they will keep the information of the first test and the server and also they will start an additional server as well as another 5,000 activation codes. Players who took part in the first test will get a big gift packs. The developers of the Summon Spark honestly invite the new players and the old players to come to experience this exciting testing.

Summon Spark Screenshot

※Thank you for your passion to join the first testing of Summon Spark

Summon Spark

※We honestly invite you to join the second testing of Summon Spark!

The Spectacular of the First Test

The great feature of Summon Spark is mercenary system which was very popular among the players during the first test. Each mercenary has cute appearance, funny action as well as his unique story and background which are favored by players very much. In the game, players acted as a summoner in magic school and they look for the well-known heroes as their mercenaries to fight for themselves. The game is combined with the strategic formation which make each players experience the fun of the Operation Victory. A lot of activities were held during the first test, such as Looking for BUG and Get Awards, You Find and I Correct, Login for Gold Coins and Three Burst shooting of GM. During the test, the numerous interactive activities were held to create a fantastic world of Summon Spark.

Summon Spark Screenshot

※The funny and cute mercenary

Summon Spark Screenshot

※The Three Burst Shooting of GM during the first test

Summon Spark Screenshot

※All the players can get a Legendary Mercenary used by GM!

Alex Tsai, the Ganeral Manager of M-etel, said that thanks for the suggestions by the passionate players during the Closed Beta Test. The developers are updating the game based on these advices. Let’s expect the second test and we hope it will bring you better experience!

To know more information about Summon Spark,

URL in Taiwan:
URL in mainland China:



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