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The 3rd server "Unicorn" of Odin Quest has been released recently in order to respond to players' enthusiasm for this new game. It's a new realm for players to explore. is an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods. Odin Quest is an MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century.

Shrine Church, the new system of Odin Quest has been released as 3rd server launched. Shrine Church, a place where Gods gather, once filled with supreme honor, has been destroyed by the evilforce. After thousands of years, it was found by archaeologists of Medgate, the civilization of the new world. But after they entered the relics, they found the ancient miracle had the never declined.

Shrine Church locates in the top right corner of Lv50 map Ancient Gulf. The whole Shrine Church has 5 scenes: Entrance---Lobby---Hall---Crossway---BOSS Room.

Odin Quest Screenshot

There is no upper limit for players' level to challenge this dungeon. Bountiful monsters and powerful BOSS can only be refreshed on L1. The most challenging place is the Crossway. It is a maze with numerous portals. Players will not be able to enter the scene of BOSS unless they have found the correct entrance.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Odin Quest Screenshot

Odin Quest Screenshot

Purple SB fragments and purple accessories will drop by chance while you defeated monsters in Shrine Church. You can exchange Purple SB Frag. For corresponding purple SB, Badge, Stamp and other advanced items.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Small BOSS of Giant Lizard and Captain of Escort will appear 4 hours later after they are killed. Big BOSS of Disappointed Leader will appear 8 hours later after it's killed. But all BOSS won't disappear unless they have been killed.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Except teammate in Shrine Church, all players can PK others without Fury added. Please note advanced items you obtained as a team will be assigned by dice-rolling.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Odin Quest Screenshot

Strengthen yourselves and team up with your buddies to challenge Shrine Church! For more features and events, please visit Odin Quest official site:

Besides, we have released new events to remember 911, please click URL below for more details.

Official Website:



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