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NGames announce new chapter and features for anime-inspired browser-based brawler MMO, launching early September

NGames, a leading online publisher, has today announced Chapter II: Great Shinobi War - a thrilling new expansion to Naruto and Bleach MMO, Pockie Ninja II Original, launching early September.

Chapter II: Great Shinobi War adds a long list of exciting new features to the Naruto and Bleach inspired adventures of Pockie Ninja II Original. Today, publisher NGames reveals details of the brand new Faction War feature, which will pit thousands of ninjas against one another as they battle to raise the status of their chosen alliance – and bag some awesome prizes for themselves while they're at it.

In Pockie Ninja II Original, players can choose between two factions: the dark and brooding Akatsuki, who wage war for their eternal twisted peacekeeping dream; or the heroic Ninja Alliance, who wish to protect their home and maintain the balanced equilibrium of the ninja world.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Available to players from lvl.51 onwards, the Faction War feature is a daily 1v1 activity where individual player performance has an impact on the wider ninja world. Every Tuesday and Friday from 19:30 – 20:00, individual players from the Akatuki and Ninja Alliance can join the event and square off against a random opponent from the opposing faction.

The premise is simple: win and the player scores a point for their faction, along with some personal rewards for their efforts. Lose and the player still gets a small personal reward for participating, but no points for their faction. With the restriction of each player only being able to add 5 BUFFS, fights are as much about brains as they are brawn.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

The faction scoring the highest amount of points at the end of the daily war will be crowned the winner, allowing them to bask in the glory of being the dominant force of Pockie Ninja II Original's ninja world for the following 24 hours. The winning faction will also unlock a massive bag of rewards, the spoils of which are shared between all participating players.

Chapter II: Great Shinobi War will hit Pockie Ninja II Original early September. Interested players are welcome to sign up and join the Open Beta fun now:




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