Splitscreen Games Opens the Door to Dino Storm

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Hamburg, 30th of August 2012 – With Dino Storm, Splitscreen Games is sending a unique free-to-play MMO into worldwide Open Beta. On cowboys and cowgirls can saddle their dinosaurs directly inside their browsers to ride through Dinoville with drawn laser guns and defend their claims in exciting quests. Fame & Respect need to be earned on the way to the Sheriff's office. A trailer on Splitscreen Games' YouTube Channel provides a first impression of what it feels like to take on a giant full-grown T-Rex.

Dino Storm appeals to a broad audience: Easy access to the game, in combination with beautifully realized 3D graphics, swiftly introduces newcomers to the world of MMOs. An extensive in-game guide and hundreds of quests carefully guide players through the world around Dinoville, exciting rivalries with other players and the novel Fame & Respect system offer long term play value.

"Through the combination of easy accessibility that is usually typical for casual games and the unique mixture of popular genres (cowboys & dinosaurs), Dino Storm creates a completely new feeling of play," says Mark Buchholz, CGO and co-founder of Splitscreen Games. "The focus is not on pure 3D action – you need to be smart and should play together if you want to gain the Fame & Respect you need for reaching and holding the crowning office of Dinoville Sheriff."

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With just a few dollars in your pocket, little ammunition, a laser gun and your small but trusty dinosaur you arrive at gold rush town Dinoville. Explore the rich game world, face enormous wild dinosaur herds and merciless bandits on your hunt for valuable items. Manage supply camps, teleport gates and claims and defend them against other players. Found your own clan, earn Fame & Respect. Only the best will make it to the top and become Sheriff of Dinoville.

It does not matter which dinosaur is your favorite: Saddle up right now on the official website to ride through Dinoville, Mokon Woods and the Goldfields for free. Chat with other fans of Dino Storm and receive additional information directly from the Dino Storm team on our Facebook Page.

Dino Storm Screenshot


Splitscreen Games develops, runs, and markets next-generation online games. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company is a leader in the sector of 3D browser games. The innovative Splitscreen technology permits the display of high-resolution 3D game worlds directly in the web browser. Its homogenous technology base enables Splitscreen Games to maintain a high level of quality throughout their products. Using this technology Splitscreen Games has already published critically-acclaimed browser games "Pirate Galaxy" and "Steel Legions".

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