Failbetter Games Releases Cabinet Noir

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KeyWord: Cabinet Noir, New Game, Spy, RPG, Detective

"Fallen London" creators unveil a dark and gritty tale of spycraft in Cardinal Richelieu's Paris

Failbetter Games is pleased to announce the release of Cabinet Noir, a new storygame from the creators of the award-winning Fallen London.

Set in the back alleys and private salons of 17th-century Paris, Cabinet Noir puts you in the boots of an agent in Cardinal Richelieu's secret intelligence service. The story paints a very different picture to traditional swashbuckling musketeer stereotypes. In this city, "One for All and All for One" will get you killed.

A darker and more compact tale than Fallen London, Cabinet Noir blurs the boundaries between narrative and interactivity, forcing the player to make difficult, far-reaching choices along the way.

Cabinet Noir Screenshot

"The game is written in the first person, and the protagonist isn't entirely reliable," says lead writer Nigel Evans. "You will almost certainly end up doing some unsavoury things. But that's the point – Cabinet Noir asks how far you're prepared to go to advance an agenda that might not be your own."

Cabinet Noir is the first game to be created entirely within StoryNexus, Failbetter's unique text-game creation platform. The StoryNexus world building tools are currently in closed beta. When they go live later this year, anybody will be able to create a complex narrative game like Cabinet Noir, with no prior coding knowledge.

Cabinet Noir is free-to-play and runs in a browser. In keeping with Failbetter's ethical gaming policy, you don't need a social media account to play. All that's needed is an email address, and one sign-in will give you access to all current and future games on the StoryNexus platform.

Play Cabinet Noir here!

Cabinet Noir Screenshot

Failbetter's second StoryNexus game, Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree, was launched via Kickstarter earlier this month. The Kickstarter was an immediate and massive success, hitting its goal within 8 hours of its launch. It's now at 360% funding and climbing, with a few days still to go! You can see the Kickstarter page and stretch goals here.



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